NVC Mentoring

The NVC Academy can connect you to some of the most skilled certified trainers in the world for mentoring and coaching. Would you like to:

  • Take your NVC learning to the next level?
  • Get beyond a persistent issue in your life?
  • Receive individualized coaching to deepen your NVC practice?
  • Get past "classical giraffe" to a more natural NVC expression?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, mentoring/coaching could be just the thing for you. It's easy to get started. Select a trainer from the list below. Contact the trainer through email or phone. The trainer will discuss your needs with you and set an appointment time that is convenient for both of you.

Learning NVC from home just got easier!

Sylvia HaskvitzSylvia Haskvitz
Main Interests: Coaching, Intimate Partnerships, Business-Workplace, Eating

"Allowing awareness to spring forth stimulates freedom of choice and new possibilities." Read More...

Mair AlightMair Alight
Main Interests: Mentoring, Coaching, Life Changes, Practical NVC Tools.

"The satisfaction and growth reported by my phone session clients flames my passion for contribution."

Kathy ZiolaKathy Ziola
Main Interests: Coaching, Spiritual Growth, Intimate Partnerships, Business-Workplace

"It is my passion to support deep integration and application of NVC skills and consciousness in a wide variety of settings."

Kathleen MacferranKathleen Macferran
Main Interests: Leadership,  Business-Workplace, NVC Consciousness, Integrating NVC Naturally

"I enjoy working with those who want to integrate NVC into their lives in natural, authentic ways" .Read More...


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