Alan Seid

About Alan Seid

CNVC Certified Trainer from Kendall, Washington, USA

Born in New York City, Alan Seid grew up bilingual/bicultural in Mexico City, Mexico. He is a CNVC Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which he has been studying since 1995. He has trained primarily with the founder of the process, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., while also attending many workshops with other trainers. Alan was Dr. Rosenberg’s Spanish interpreter for 10 days in Colombia, South America, in 1999, immediately following a 10-day intensive in NVC. Alan brings a lively and engaging style to his trainings, combining humor, exercises for practice, a deep understanding of the theory behind the process, and a keen sensitivity to individual and group needs. Alan has a university degree in Sustainability -- the long-term health and vitality of people and communities in economy, ecology, and culture. He also holds a certificate in Permaculture Design, which he practices where he lives with his wife and daughters on 25 acres in the foothills of Washington State’s North Cascade Mountains, USA. Alan offers workshops in Permaculture Design, Financial Integrity (Your Money or Your Life), Integral Sustainability -based on Ken Wilber’s work-, and the 8-Shields Model (also known as the Acorn Model). In addition to his trainings, Alan offers meeting facilitation through Cascadia Workshops.


Integral Awareness and Practice for NVC Practitioners: Deepening NVC with Ken Wilber’s Integral Framework

A Telecourse Recording with CNVC Certified Trainer Alan Seid from Kendall, Washington, USA

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In this segment, Alan shares the origin of Integral Studies and the notion of "holons."

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Wondering how NVC relates to the Integral Framework?
Read this short Q&A with Alan

This telecourse recording gives NVC Practitioners a guided tour of Ken Wilber’s work, a meta-theory (theory of theories) that includes as much knowledge and wisdom from as many sources as possible. We will explore how NVC and Integral Framework mesh, overlap, complement each other and differ in theory and practice.

Wilber is known as the “Einstein of consciousness” because his work provides space for every field of knowledge and every world philosophy to fit together in a unifying framework. How NVC “integrates” into this larger framework is a topic for much fun, discussion, and illumination.

Alan Seid is a seasoned NVC Trainer who has been studying NVC for 15 years. He has been a student of Integral Theory for about 10 years, and has offered more workshops on each topic than he has any record of or can recollect. For more about Alan, see his web site:

This telecourse recording will:

  • Take you on a guided tour of Integral Theory from someone who understands it and NVC clearly, and can articulate it in a way that is very accessible
  • Help you understand why “levels of consciousness” is a concept that reduces our frustration in trying to connect with some people, and makes us more skillful in our ability to be empathic
  • Help you learn how the Integral framework can help eliminate enemy images by providing a deeper understanding of other people’s perspectives
  • Offer you a conceptual framework that puts the incredible variety of disciplines and perspectives into an integrated larger whole
  • Multiply your options for creating positive social change by expanding the areas in which you apply NVC
  • Provide an exciting new way to meet your need for meaning

MP3 Audio Download: (7 hours, 30 minutes)
Recorded January - June, 2010

Cost $30.00 USD

Recommended Reading: We highly recommend reading "The Integral Vision" by Ken Wilber to supplement this recording.

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