Kelly Bryson

"Practicing the techniques in Kelly’s seminar can move you out of old patterns and bring greater authenticity and aliveness to your life and relationships."

—Alan Cohen, author, I Had It All the Time, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Kelly Bryson MA, MFT is author of the best selling book, Don't Be Nice, Be Real - Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others, and contributor to the anthology: The Marriage of Sex and Spirit (With Deepak Chopra, John Gray, Scott Peck, Margo Anand, Wayne Dyer, Thich Nhat Hanh, Riane Eisler, Barbara Marx Hubbard). Kelly has been featured in Elle and Shape magazines, appeared on many TV and radio shows, lived in an ashram many years, is a humorist, singer, & licensed therapist in private practice.  He keynotes conventions (National Montessori, Salinas Peace Summit), is an inspirational speaker (presented at the Association for Global New Thought conference), has been a CNVC Certified Trainer for more than 20 years, and has trained thousands in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. He trains, presents and consults with groups, corporations (Tony Robbins, Paul Mitchell Salons), churches (all flavors), schools, (U.Cal.L.B, Body/Mind College), clubs and all types of organizations.  He is the founder of Shangri La Healing Sanctuary community in Santa Cruz, California, USA, and studied with E. Stanley Jones, Gandhi’s concierge and friend.


Truth as an Act of Love
A Recorded Telecourse with CNVC Certified Trainer, Author and Mediator Kelly Bryson from Santa Cruz, California, USA

MP3 Audio Download: 135 Minutes(2 hours & 15 minutes)
This recording was produced from workshops recorded on June 17 and July 2, 2008

Cost: $12.00 USD

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They say "Truth is the greatest aphrodisiac". And we have all heard 'The Truth will set you free'. How about, "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to hide". It is also said that a real friend will let you know when you have "egg on your face". How about when you have "egg on your soul", or spinach in your teeth, body odor, or worse yet, "bad timing", dishonesty, violent words/energy, or "talking too much"?

Speaking truth creates congruence which creates trust, and trust facilitates ease of understanding and cooperation. Without truth there is no growth in our relationships and community. Also if we withhold many truths we are left with growing resentment which leads to deadness in relationships.

If this is true, then what keeps us from speaking our truth? I think it’s our fear that our truth will be the cause of ending relationships that are important to us, or at the very least damage our relationships. Many of us think that honesty will actually create more disharmony in our relationships and thus make our life more difficult.

"Prepare yourself for some unsettling and unconventional answers to the big questions of happiness and relationships.  Kelly's real life stories, humor and refreshing theories teach the mechanics of integrity and authenticity.”

—John Gray, Ph.D.
Author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Take this telecourse and delve more deeply into what keeps you from being honest in your relationships, and learn how your truth can actually help you deepen your relationships. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to deliver even those "hard to hear" messages in a way least likely to trigger pain or defensiveness
  • How to dance with defensiveness, i.e. empathize with the pain or defensiveness our truth triggers
  • That without transparency (proactive honesty about the tough stuff like power, sex & money) there can be no sense of ease, trust or safety
  • To clean up hurt or angry feelings that create loss of trust
  • Rituals or practices for truth telling/clearing in your relationships
  • How to support the other in growing from the pain our truth triggers
  • How to tame the "guilt jackals" that often come to us after we tell a difficult truth
  • To transform 'fear of conflict" into excitement for the needs negotiation session and potential growth and intimacy
  • Tools to QTIP (quit taking it personally)
  • Listen to the learning material again and again
  • Recordings are an alternative to participating in live course
  • Use recordings to prepare for a live workshop or telecourse
  • Conveniently listen in your car, while you're jogging, or while relaxing at home
  • Recordings can supplement your learning and reinforce what you already know
  • Recordings make great learning tools for your practice group

Cost: $12.00 USD

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