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About Kathy Ziola

Kathy Ziola, MA, CNVC Certified Trainer lives in Grand Junction, Colorado where she works sharing NVC training and coaching in a variety of settings.  She is especially passionate about sharing NVC as an inquiry practice that can bring us to a place of deep awareness of Presence from which all compassionate action may be sourced and extended to the world.  Kathy writes poetry and is currently publishing CD’s and a book. You may connect with Kathy for all training, services and poetry resources at www.communicationworks.us or by phone at 970.216.8597.

Feast for the Soul: Awakening

Inspired Poetry written and performed by CNVC Certified Trainer Kathy Ziola

Listen to "Sunshine," one of 25 poems:

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The human soul hungers for the deep nourishment of understanding, connection and self-expression. This recording is an opportunity to open to a resonance with life and the journey of awareness through poetry which touches on the challenges and the lightness of human beingness.

Poem Titles:

1. Welcome
2. We Begin
3. Notice
4. Knocking
5. Discomfort
6. Dark Winter
7. Gently
8. Altered States
9. Big Fat Lies
10. Bigger
11. Shame
12. Winter Deep
13. Sunshine
14. Upside Down
15. Trust
16. Magic Moment
17. Waiting
18. My Turn
19. Musings of a Mustard Seed
20. Change
21. Thirsty
22. Melting
23. This Kind of Love
24. What Do You Know?
25. The Divine Calling

Listener/Reader Comments

"This poetry, divinely inspired, is written for anyone seeking direction and meaning for life. It both inspires and affirms, acknowledging that which you are. It takes you beneath outward appearances and judgments. As I've read it, I've been moved to a place of awe and realization of true self. Know now, the search for the soul ends here within this poetry. My appreciation goes out to Kathy for bringing these divine words to us."

"Kathy puts into words what goes on inside us that we don't know how to express!" Connie, Special Ed Teacher "I listened to your CD on a road trip and loved it! Thank you! I truly felt loving kindness in your words and in your soft, warm voice. I loved the range of feelings and expression from playfulness to impatience, to acceptance and joy. Sighs of recognition and relief, "ahh, she knows just how it is." Your poems did indeed feed my soul. I look forward to savoring and enjoying them many times."
— Ann

"Your CD is magical. You have a real gift. I love your voice."

Recorded during 2009
Total Duration: 48 minutes

Cost $10.00 USD

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