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NVC “Reality TV” (Part 1)

with Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens
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  • Production Date: 05/2009
  • Duration: 00:48 hours:minutes
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If role-play, hearing conversations modeled, and dialogue practice is how you learn, this 4-part telecourse recording is for you! Learn the art of entering into, staying in, and bowing out of “the dance” of communication, playing with real-life situations using Observations, Feelings, Needs, and Requests as the foundation.

  • Overcome fear of entering difficult dialogues
  • Develop fluidity with NVC language
  • Learn how to re-center and remain connected to needs
  • Have fun “messing up”
Ultimately, don’t worry, no one gets voted off of this reality show. Even “audience members” get to play on NVC Reality TV, through our patented Audience Remote Control™ feature. This means that there will be a portion of each “show” where we’ll take “viewer” input to remake the conversation and play it back in any number of ways, including all-out “Jackal Fest”!

So, pop some popcorn - it’s time for NVC Reality TV!

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Facilitating NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence