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Is attending an in-person NVC training just not an option for your busy life or your location? Do you want a complete learning experience that combines live trainer and fellow student interaction with your self-paced NVC Multimedia Library subscription? Enjoy Live NVC Courses with 20+ CNVC Certified Trainers from around the world right from the comfort of your home!

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Course Date: 11/19/14 - 01/21/15  •  Amount: $92.00 - $115.00 USD
If you're interested in learning specifically how and what YOU can do to live compassionately – with plenty of hands-on practice time – this course is for you!  You’ll enjoy eight pre-recorded video sessions (that you may watch at your leisure) and two live question and response sessions with Robert, and a lot of opportunity to integrate the principles Robert teaches.
Dialogue with Anyone about Anything
All Skill Levels  • Telecourse •  6 hours (90 minutes per session)

Dialogue with Anyone about Anything

with Miki Kashtan
Course Date: 11/21/14 - 12/19/14  •  Amount: $97.00 - $129.00 USD
During 2014, Miki took NVC “on the road” in every one of her courses on Dialogue. She made it accessible, blending its principles and concepts into everyday conversation with her own unique and practical style. Her approach was so radically different, yet simple to learn! And, as you might imagine, many who attended were utterly fascinated. They embraced the concrete framework she’d created for dialogue, and – without necessarily “having to” focus on inner work – stepped in and changed their way of speaking…
The Compass: Awakening Into the Journey from You to Yourself
All Skill Levels  • Telecourse •  16 hours (2 hours per session)

The Compass: Awakening Into the Journey from You to Yourself

with Arnina Kashtan
Course Date: 12/13/14 - 02/07/15 (Skipping 12/27/14)  •  Amount: $122 - $305 USD
Join Arnina in her in-depth transformational process called The Compass, which synthesizes and transcends NVC and The Work of Byron Katie. This new process enables you to heal the weary, endless struggles between you and yourself, and helps you get “unstuck” so you can finally move beyond old patterns, good intentions and painful thoughts.  It is a profoundly intimate and freeing journey!
Dharma Not Drama: Meditations for Winter
All Skill Levels  • Telecourse •  12 hours (30 minutes per session - 60 minutes on Saturdays)

Dharma Not Drama: Meditations for Winter

with Mary Mackenzie
Course Date: 12/20/14 - 01/09/15  •  Amount: $39.00 USD
Celebrate your strengths while you tune into winter’s energy of stillness, quietude and reflection. Like the plants in winter, we are stripped to our bare essence. It’s a time to conserve your energy while you reaffirm your essential self-identity and values, and connect with life.
Course Date: 01/13/15  •  Amount: Free
If you'd enjoy a clarifying "tune-up" – or if you occasionally find you're struggling to understand what you feel about what's happening in the moment, take a deeper look at this course. Robert will be demonstrating one of his exceptional clarifying exercises during this call.
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