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Embracing the Shadow
All Skill Levels  • Telecourse •  12 hours (6 sessions)

Embracing the Shadow

with Martha Lasley and Pernille Plantener
Course Date: 01/24/17 - 02/28/17  •  Amount: $248.00 - $298.00 USD
Believe it or not, every part of your psyche has a noble purpose. This course offers a great opportunity for your “Internal Committee” to learn how to stop fighting and start collaborating! You’ll build on NVC principles, explore new ways of unleashing the power of empathy, and create a variety of opportunities for enhanced inner alignment.
Course Date: 2/10/17-9/29/17  •  Amount: $400.00-$700.00
Leadership isn’t always about the position you hold. Homemaker, CEO, spiritual leader, board member, parent, manager, volunteer, etc. – YOU are ALL in positions of leadership. And whatever your challenges may be, this program will give you the opportunity to approach life from the driver’s seat, able to respond to what life presents with heart-felt care for all.
Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence
All Skill Levels  • Webcast •  24 hours (2 hours per session)

Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence

with Mary Mackenzie
Course Date: 03/16/17 - 06/01/17  •  Amount: $457.00 - $525.00
Helping someone else understand an NVC concept helps you clarify your own understanding of that concept, and heightens your awareness of how you are (or are not) living your NVC practice. Facilitating NVC courses takes this to the next level, because it's an ongoing reminder of the NVC consciousness from which you want to live.
Course Date: 4/18/17  •  Amount: FREE
This introduction to Nonviolent Communication teaches the basics of the process. Practicing NVC enables you to focus your attention on the values and needs we all hold in common, and helps you to remember and cherish these commonalities. Amazingly enough, living from this focal point connects us more deeply to ourselves – as well as to others.
Course Date: 4th Saturday of each month  •  Amount: FREE
Please join us on the fourth Saturday of each month for a 2 hour session and enjoy a taste of living within our empathic community, as well as a brief training and practice with our trainers. You will learn concrete skills and steps for practicing compassion and leadership in your life.
Deutsch-sprachige online Übungsgruppe
All Skill Levels  • Practice Group •  1.5 hours per session

Deutsch-sprachige online Übungsgruppe

with Iris Bawidamann and Jürgen Engel
Course Date: 1/1017 - 12/5/17  •  Amount: FREE
Übe Deine GfK Skills bequem von Zuhause oder von Reisen aus. Egal wo Du bist. Du brauchst nur Deinen Laptop/Computer oder ein Telefon. Wir treffen uns jeden ersten Dienstag im Monat, um gemeinsam zu üben. Es ist eine offene Gruppe mit der Option, mit Video zu arbeiten, so dass wir uns gegenseitig sehen. Du möchtest Empathie bekommen? Empathie geben? Schwierige Situationen mithilfe der GfK anschauen? Neue Übungen kennen lernen? Neue Menschen kennen Lernen? Und das alles ohne lange Wegstrecken? Dann bis Du bei uns genau richtig!
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