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Leadership as a Way of Life
All Skill Levels  • Telecourse •  32 hours (2 hours per session)

Leadership as a Way of Life

with Miki Kashtan
Course Date: 02/13/15 - 10/04/15  •  Amount: $382.50 - $780.00 USD
This Leadership as a Way of Life series gives you the opportunity to approach your life in the driver seat… connected with others… able to ask for what you need… and with heart-felt care for all of us – and for life itself.  Align yourself and your life with what matters to you. Today.
Dialogue with Anyone about Anything
All Skill Levels  • Telecourse •  4.5 hours (90 minutes per session)

Dialogue with Anyone about Anything

with Miki Kashtan
Course Date: 03/05/15 - 05/05/15  •  Amount: $32.00 - $97.00 USD
Dialogue "Miki-style" is BACK. Just as before, come ready for plenty of hands-on learning. Come with your dilemmas and questions, your frustrations and disgruntlements. Hand all that brouhaha over to Miki, and relish how gently and perceptively she coaches you through. Everyone and every situation you can imagine is welcome!
Course Date: 04/10/2015  •  Amount: FREE!
When your relationships flounder, what’s the first thing most of us tend to do? Find someone to blame! Join Miki for this free, 75-minute course and discover how embracing the position of leadership can immunize you against blame and joyfully bring your relationship back into harmony.
The Time and Money Course
All Skill Levels  • Telecourse •  12 hours (2 hours per session)

The Time and Money Course

with François Beausoleil and Jeff Brown
Course Date: 4/7/15 - 5/12/15  •  Amount: $91.00 - $182.00 USD
We've all heard it before: there's never enough time - or enough money. The cause of this "never enough" mindset runs much deeper. Through this deep exploration, you'll come away with a clear, concrete, and personal action plan that will help you integrate what you've learned into your life!
Taking 100% Responsibility for Every Relationship
All Skill Levels  • Telecourse •  8 hours (2 hours per session)

Taking 100% Responsibility for Every Relationship

with Miki Kashtan
Course Date: 04/17/15 - 05/08/15  •  Amount: $120.00 - $240.00 USD
Step into the empowering position of leadership and toss your dissatisfactions onto the compost pile! Your days of waiting for the other person in your relationships to change are OVER. Harmony – without sacrificing yourself – may be right around the corner.
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