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John Kinyon

John Kinyon

CNVC Certified Trainer from El Sobrante, California, USA

John Kinyon has studied and worked closely with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg since 1998, becoming a leader in the NVC community in his own right. He has been a trainer for the International Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2000 and is a cofounder of the Bay Area NVC organization.

Since 2003, John has been collaborating with Ike Lasater on an innovative approach to teaching and learning NVC Mediation. The partnership first began in the wake of US military actions that followed 9/11, with a 2002 journey to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border to do a training with Afghan tribal elders. There, John and Ike experienced anew the power and universality of NVC, which succeeded despite the eight languages in the room.

Today, John and Ike offer yearlong NVC Mediation immersion training programs around the world. The growing list of locations already includes the United States, Poland, South Korea, Holland, and Australia. Training is also available through telecourses, workshops, and multiday intensives.

Over the years, John has mediated conflicts in a wide variety of contexts: personal, family, community, business, and legal. He has worked with an entire graduate faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles, numerous small and family businesses, families in conflict over inheritance issues, faculty and administration in alternative schools, people and businesses dissolving relationships, and individuals and groups in need of conflict coaching and communication training support.

John’s background is in psychology. After earning a BA from the University of San Francisco, where he studied psychology and philosophy, he went on to earn a degree in clinical psychology from Penn State University. During his five years of doctoral training, he worked as a psychotherapist with individuals and groups and as a research assistant at the Penn State Stress and Anxiety Disorders Institute. After graduate school, John helped launch and develop a small commercial business before embracing full-time communication and conflict resolution work.

John lives with his wife and three children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We have the ability to return to connection and collaboration when in conflict, no matter how great the differences or divide or emotional pain. It’s learnable. I believe our collective well-being and evolution on this planet depend on it. In our trainings, when I see participants learning and practicing these skills, working with real situations from their lives, I am often in awe as I witness lives changing before my eyes.” -- John Kinyon

Listen to Stephanie Bachmann Mattei speak with John about his life and work in this 2009 interview:

For more on John, Ike, and NVC Mediation, visit www.nvcmediation.com.

Website: John Kinyon

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