Gregg Kendrick

CNVC Certified Trainer from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

As a partner in the IC Globally team with Marie Miyashiro, author of The Empathy Factor, Gregg speaks and designs workshops and trainings on topics related to communication and collaboration. He specializes in helping work teams apply needs-based structures that encourage "power with" rather than "power over" interactions for increased productivity, profit and morale. Managers "manage" less while the team achieves its goals with more personal meaning.

At the core of Gregg's work are two processes: Nonviolent Communication, what William Ury at the Harvard Law School Negotiations Program calls, "one of the most important processes you'll ever learn," and Integrated Clarity®, developed by Miyashiro to bridge the idea of empathy as a necessary workplace skill for leaders and employees.

As a certified NVC trainer, former C​E​O, and founder of Basileia (an IC Globally partner firm) Gregg brings a first-hand perspective to personal leadership mastery. This unique focus on connection to human feelings and needs on three levels - within ourselves, with others and within the systems we work - empowers a dynamic integration of human connection with business purpose, of gentleness and fierceness, that enlivens business, nonprofits, universities and government agencies to a "higher ground" of success.

Gregg founded the Charlottesville Center for Compassionate Communication in 2002 which hosts community training and programs in NVC.

He resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife and three daughters.

Website: Basileia, LLC

Website: NVC Training Institute