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Sacred Work: Cleaning, Clarifying, and Releasing

It’s the last month of 2018… Whoosh!

As I write these words, many of the events of 2018 are running through my mind. Some of them were deeply painful, others exquisitely joyful. Many more were filled with meaning for one reason or another. All of them represent my response or reaction to life.

The one thing I have control over is how I respond to life.

December calls me to review what has transpired throughout the past year: my behaviors… my reaction to others’ behaviors… events or relationships I’ve mourned… and awareness around how my limited thinking can create greater suffering for me and others. Part of this reviewing process also involves clarifying the qualities or values I’d like to bring into the next year.

This is sacred work, because I believe the Law of Attraction: that what I put forth will be returned to me.

So in 2019 I’d like to see myself having more opportunities for learning with a beginner’s mind — especially when my judgments prevent full connection or care between myself and others. I open my arms and my heart to opportunities to see and understand how the advantages I’ve received and possess may be radically different than those held to and experienced by others. And I choose to push past my habit to opt for ease and efficiency over connection and care for someone else.

December also calls me to consider if there’s anything in my life or relationships that I’d like to clean up, clarify, heal, or attend to. Sometimes I’m called to speak to someone and to clarify how I’d like to show up next time. Other times I’m compelled to do some symbolic act to demonstrate my sincere desire for positive change, such as make a donation to an organization that represented a group of people for whom I held judgment. All of these call for a healthy dose of self-empathy and empathy from others.

Over the next several days I‘ll be using both meditation and journaling to clarify this list.

And, then I get to spend time clarifying what I want to welcome into the new year. In 2019 I welcome joy, adventure, and fun. I welcome inspiration and awe. I welcome integrity and meaning. I welcome sustainability and hope. I welcome love.

What would you like to let go of in 2018? And, what would you like to welcome?

May you find moments of peace as 2018 comes to a close, and may thoughts of hope and joyful anticipation for 2019 weave their way into your heart.

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