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Reclaiming Joy After Winter

I love gardening… Do you?

My favorite part is in the spring when I get to pull out and clean up all of winter’s dead stalks and make way for the year’s new seedlings and young plants. And seeing the tiny heads of their new leaves poking through the once-frozen dirt – ahhhhh, there’s something so healing and nurturing about following this practice every spring.

My least favorite part is planning the garden, and as a result, I have relied on untrained instincts and luck, a plan which used to work pretty well until I moved to California. I was told anything could grow, but almost nothing I’ve planted has thrived. Hmmm.

Do you ever experience this in your life? A time when it seems that you’re bumbling along without much direction or clarity? Or when you seem to run into more roadblocks than open doors?

When this happens to me, it’s a sign that I’m out of sync with myself internally. I almost always notice that I have neglected some important aspect of my spiritual and NVC practices. It could be my Self-Empathy practice, or maybe I haven’t received empathy in a while, or perhaps my morning meditations have been inconsistent.

Making certain that my emotional and spiritual garden is well watered and cared for has become a life practice for me, because otherwise every aspect of my life feels strained – and it’s harder for me to access joy.

 Fortunately, returning to ‘flow’ is much easier now, once I recommit to the practices I have spent years developing.

How’s you’re emotional and spiritual garden doing this spring? Could you use support in reorienting yourself toward peace and healing? If so, then please join me this month and return to the basics by recommitting to the practices that help you stay grounded!

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