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Flowing from Season to Season

Fall is right around the corner now, and I can feel summer starting to wind down. For me, this brings up a growing urge to jump back into life in a much more active way. It is subtle, but clearly growing.

Summer seems like a time of year that is more focused on family, quiet time, and tending to home business more than any other time of year. I experience it as almost like living in a bubble.

And, I love this summer bubble every year.

In fact, I revel in it: the long, lazier than usual days… the warm weather… sleeping with my windows open and feeling the ocean breeze meander softly through my home… taking the time to catch up on sleep… and revisit what’s important to me. One highlight of this past summer, though there were many, was a whale-watching trip that my wife, Kim, and I took with our Marine Biologist friend Gwen. It was a beautiful day and we learned so much from Gwen’s expertise. This photo is one Gwen took of a mom and child dolphin.

I’m aware of a tug in me to stay quiet, yet fall calls me out to the bigger world, calling me to be more physically active, engage in work, and start new projects. I find I can enjoy both the tug to remain and the excitement of imagining a bustling fall.

In this moment I’m aware of the value of both. The summer’s quiet allows me valuable time to reconnect with myself, my family, and community. Fall’s new projects allow me to express what I uncovered during the summer months. In that way, it’s a perfect blend of self-care and self-expression.

I plan on reveling in these last few weeks of summer and starting this fall with revived vigor and joy. May experience a fall that brings you joy as well.


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