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What Do You Want to Do with Your Magnificent Life?

Happy New Year!

January always brings me a sense of hope. It can be bitterly cold in some parts of the world, and yet even then the days begin to get longer and there’s a noticeable increase in sunlight for many of us. And that increased sunlight feels so nourishing on my face and body, like a soft touch from a dear and wholly predictable friend.

As we venture into 2020, I am reminded to come up to that light and imagine what I would like to do this coming year, instead of focusing on (or grumbling about) the dark and cold days…

I approach this time of imagining not as a resolution but as an affirmation that can guide me like a compass that guides me through the woods when I have lost my way (which, sadly, has been more times than I care to count, literally and figuratively!). I find this process helps me make decisions and keeps me on track.

I see 2020 as a time for me to clarify and synthesize. I turned 60 in 2018, and it has become clear to me that my time on earth is limited. I am no longer feeling sad about this or running from the thought. Instead I am joyfully focused on how I want to live this next phase of my life. And a question that I mentioned in a previous Growing Roots keeps popping into my head, “What would you like to do with your magnificent life?”

So, this is my 2020 mantra: what would you like to do with your magnificent life? Clarify and synthesize. 

I now see this next phase of my life as an adventure, and I feel so grateful to no longer be overwhelmed with mourning about it.

If forgiveness work is on your list (and really, when is it not always on the list?!), I highly recommend Sarah Payton’s upcoming course: Healing Trauma, Finding Forgiveness: Partners, Parents, Children, and Self (2020), which starts this month. Sarah beautifully and seamlessly blends NVC with neuroscience, and we receive feedback time and time again that her courses are healing and life-affirming. We have included a free snippet in this month’s Growing Roots to give you a taste of what Sarah’s course will cover. I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to 2020, my friend. I wish you an abundance of adventure, clarity, fun, love, and warmth this year!

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