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Priorities: Living with Care for Ourselves

Brrrrr. Are you feeling winter? I am. I just missed a week of work due to the flu, and I am still feeling a little punk. As I sit down to write this letter, I realize a lot of things that are important to me are taking the back burner. Things like working out, any number of tasks around the house, and my work “to-do” items. Instead, I work for a few hours and take a nap. Eat a meal, take a nap. Work for a few more hours. Take a nap…

It’s slow and steady and completely focused on my body’s need for healing.

In a way, I’ve enjoyed it. Not the flu symptoms, of course, but this opportunity to be so clearly tuned in to self and health. In this state, it’s pretty easy to decide what the priorities are because my body is so screaming for healing. For instance, I don’t feel only a little tired for nap: my eyes are struggling to stay open and sleep must happen… NOW.

It is also much easier for me to say no to someone when they ask me for something that stretches my willingness. Right now it is easier to prioritize, and easier to surrender to my inner call for health and wellbeing.

I would like to get better at living this way without having a health issue. How about you?

To me, that would look like:

  • Checking in with myself a few times a day for 3-5 minutes of self-empathy so I can determine the state of my physical and emotional needs;
  • Getting better at saying no when something clearly doesn’t meet my needs, even if it may be disappointing for the requestor to hear; and
  • Taking mental health days more often for no other reason than to check in and be present to my own rhythm and state of being.

I am going to think about these things… but right now I’m going to take a nap!

But before I do, I want you to know that – if you are looking for inspiration – the NVC Academy has two new programs beginning this month:

And my own:

Both of these programs are tried and tested. Please join us, and together we’ll do our best to stay present, healthy, and warm this February!

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