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Gina CensioseGina Cenciose

Gina is a certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication with over six years of experience in living and teaching this process full time as her profession. Gina had been working with groups and individuals on their healing path for 12 years, using many healing modalities she has studied in, such as:

  • Shamanic healing processes,
  • Applied kinesiology,
  • Art therapy (especially music),
  • A Course in Miracles,
  • Therapy with nature,
  • Transformative belief work.

Her mentors have been:

  • Eckart Tolle,
  • A Course in Miracles.

She started meditating daily and practising non dualism 15 years ago to give a deeper meaning and more aliveness to her life.

Gina shares NVC in both English and French, and in various venues including:

  • Businesses,
  • Schools,
  • Spirituality centers,
  • Prisons,
  • Hospitals and
  • Nonprofits.

She enjoys sharing NVC everywhere, especially in prisons. She has co founded a year long program for young mothers and their children from violent situations, teaching them NVC, gardening, drumming, dancing and coming back to life practices in a social project called Tools for Life, where the participants were paid by the federal government to learn NVC.

Gina is a cofounder of the Quebec Circle of Certified Trainers. She currently runs 3 different 1-year programs in English and in French in order for participants to fully integrate NVC into their bones, as she has done. She coaches individuals and groups in conflict resolution and healing. She leads sacred dance and chant circles, she gardens and practices mindfulness and meditation, leads healing and empathy circles, and is the mother of two young adults.

A lifelong passion for singing and music also nurture Gina. Her specialties include:

  • Deep personal transformation,
  • NVC in intimate relationships and
  • NVC and healing work.

She has devoted herself to bringing meaning into her life through daily meditation and the study of non dualism.

She hopes to go deeper into the realm of restorative justice and NVC in the future, as social change is very important to her…The beauty of human beings never ceases to amaze her and inspires her to broaden and deepen her connection to all of life, starting from within. The thing that is the most important to her is to walk her talk and to be in full alignment, words, thoughts and actions.

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