Dare to Dream:
Making Concrete Action Requests

Elkie Deadman, CNVC Certified Trainer
10:00am - 10:50am Pacific (California) Time

In this fun and light-hearted session, you and Elkie will be playing with creating Action Requests!

Elkie defines (and experiences!) Action Requests as energy packed, forward moving, social change nuggets — which is why she loves them so much.

While learning the basics of NVC, Elkie really struggled with daring to think about what she might enjoy asking of herself or another — let alone getting to the point of actually formulating a concrete request or putting it out into the world. Today however, Elkie joyfully shares the delightful blend of creative thinking that has supported her richly in developing this branch of her practice.

Would you enjoy having more fun with YOUR Action Requests? Then join Elkie!

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