Partnership Paradigms in Schools:
An NVC Integration Approach

Lore Baur & Jared Finkelstein,  CNVC Certified Trainers
4:00pm - 4:50pm Pacific (California) Time

Integrating NVC into schools can be extremely rewarding and transformative!

Join Lore and Jared for this thoughtful exploration into ways you might begin deftly integrating NVC skills and consciousness into the school system in which you work. Schools are microcosms of our societies, and as such offer you excellent opportunities for building collaboration and trust with NVC.

If you're someone who works in an educational system… if you're curious about how you might help partnerships and collaborative energies flourish in your school… and if you'd enjoy hearing about strategies that can effectively support interdependent systems, then join Lore and Jared for this gracious exploration.

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