Creating Real Dialogue
and Healthy Relationships

Oren J. Sofer, CNVC Certified Trainer
5:00pm - 5:50pm Pacific (California) Time

We can develop the capacity to stay clear, grounded, and balanced — even through the ups and downs that come with any relationship.

All it takes is training and practice.

Those precious primary relationships can be the source of our greatest joys — and our deepest pains! When we're unconscious or unintentional in the ways we relate to one another, we have less capacity and thus fewer choices for how to work through challenging events. It's all too easy to lose access to our innate wisdom, let alone our best intentions, when negative energy and stress have temporarily taken over…

However, we're able to quietly hold on to presence in the midst of difficult circumstances, everything changes…

Join Oren, and discover ways in which Mindful Communication practices can dramatically improve and strengthen ALL your relationships.

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This is a preview of our upcoming 2018 course, How to Create Real Dialogue
and Healthy Relationships.
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