The Fire of Love and NVC

Mukti Jarvis(formerly Linda Rysenbry),  CNVC Certified Trainer
7:00pm - 7:50pm Pacific (California) Time

Relationships have the potential to be the most powerful wake up calls for Love that you may ever experience…

It's true, they DO give you multiple opportunities for facing a wide variety of challenges and pain — yet being in relationship also helps you decipher what it is you really want, as well as how you want your relationship to look.

NVC can provide you with an extraordinary level of support for navigating your way through.

If you're someone who's curious to know more about a Love that's neither a feeling or a need… how honesty and love walk hand in hand… and how you may more easily and clearly recognize feelings that create connection (and feelings that don't!), bring your curiosity, your questions, and your positive intention, and join Linda for an exploration of the expansiveness of Love and NVC!

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