Dialogues with Our Shame

Giorgos Tsitsirigkos, CNVC Certified Trainer
10:00am - 10:50am Pacific (California) Time

Shame is often an invisible companion that travels along with you in your journey, influencing your choices and how you experience life. Often without clear, outward signs, shame can be the unconscious power that prevents you from living life fully — or propel you towards reactivity, alienation, and violence both on a personal and a social level.

Unmasking shame can be a surprisingly unburdening act that leads to more clarity, liveliness and action, even with parts of yourself that you've abstained from visiting for a long time. 

During this session, Giorgos will walk you through a series of short, meditative practices and exercises designed to help you practice noticing, experiencing, and bringing shame to light — transforming it from a burden to a playful fellow as well as a portal to self-knowledge and internal freedom. You'll discover how the deep power of human connectedness can dilute the fogginess of sensitive issues, bringing them higher into your consciousness, and enabling the flow of life to pass right through them!


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