Foundations of the Same House:
NVC and Buddhism Supporting Each Other

Roberta Wall, CNVC Certified Trainer
5:00pm - 5:50pm Pacific (California) Time

Join Roberta Wall for a taste of the unique ways in which NVC and Buddhism can be utilized as harmonious companion practices for deepening your sense of presence and mindfulness.

For example, one of the fundamental texts of Buddhist mindfulness practice is called The Four Establishments of Mindfulness (The Satipatthana Sutra), which includes the body, feelings, mind-thought, and objects of the mind. Applying NVC empathic presence practices to these four areas can readily liberate you from feelings of confusion, despair, and disconnect.

Come discover the strength and potential for self- and other- support that opens up when you blend these two practices!

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This is a preview of Roberta's 2019 course,
Foundations of the Same House: NVC & Buddhism Supporting Each Other

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