Wednesdays, May 8 - June 12
(6 sessions)


3:00 - 4:30pm
Pacific (California) Time


$314 - $392
Recordings Included

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Listen to Dian share her passion about this juicy empathy course!

Have you ever noticed how being heard in a deep, empathic way is like magic?

When we're deeply heard, our whole bodies relax. We return to equilibrium, we can breathe again, and access renewed curiosity, empowerment and choice. We also get a fresh perspective and new insights: like a fog lifting, we see ideas and solutions that evaded us before. And with that restored vision, we're able to find new ways to engage with others that, just moments earlier, seemed impossible or a chore.

How does that magic work? And how can you become an empathy wizard---with anyone, in any situation, including the most challenging?

Come find out and get more empathy magic in your life---and greater naturalness, flow and ease in your NVC practice---by joining us for NVC Magic: How to Streamline your NVC Practice and Make Empathy Second Nature.

Come explore key concepts and practices, including new ways of seeing and practicing NVC, and learn all this through direct experience, via exercises, pair work, and role play.

In this highly interactive course, you'll learn how to:

Who will this course interest? Anyone...

When I first experienced empathy more than 20 years ago, it seemed like magic. And almost two decades later, it still does! Yet now I know both the magic and "science" of empathy. Come learn in this course how to bring your skill and "magic empathy powers" to a new level!

About Dian Killian

Dian Killian, PhD, is a Certified Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication, a certified life coach (a graduate of the Coaching for Transformation program) and author of two books, Urban Empathy: True Life Adventures of Compassion on the Streets of NY, and Connecting Across Differences: How to Connect with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (now in its third edition, and in German).

Founder and former director of the Center for Collaborative Communication, she now offers coaching and training via her company, Work Collaboratively, to diverse organizations from small and large NGOs to multinational and Fortune 100 companies. She also leads a bi-annual International NVC Women's Retreat and has regularly offered public programming at Kripalu, the 92nd St Y, Omega, the NY Open Center, NVC Academy, and in the Bahamas and Europe.

Dian is known for her humor, down-to-earth and highly interactive style of teaching, and an accessible and engaging way of explaining complex concepts.  Learn more and join her blog post and mailing list at More...