Thursdays, October 10 - December 12
(8 sessions)


5:00 - 7:00pm
Pacific (California) Time


$260 - $408
Recordings Included
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This is a Zoom course: Zoom technology allows everyone the choice to see other participants and to be seen.
(Recordings will display images of only the active speakers.)

Feeling frustrated about the stress that is present in your life and in your relationships?

Then consider the following: the way you speak – and how you hear others – significantly impacts the joy and stress you experience in each of your relationships.

If you are ready to get beyond the emotional triggers that goad you into responding in counterproductive ways – or if you would simply like to see an increase in the harmony you experience at home or at work, this course may be the perfect fit.

In eight evenings you will be given practical tools designed to help you:

Together we will cover the basics of the Nonviolent Communication process, including Self Empathy (compassion for yourself), Empathy (compassion for others), and Speaking Your Truth (even when it's difficult to ask for what you really want).

About Mary Mackenzie

Mary Mackenzie is a CNVC Certified Trainer, the executive director of the Peace Workshop International and co-founder of the NVC Academy. She holds an MA degree in Human Relations and is a trained mediator. Mary is the author of Peaceful Living: Daily Meditations for Living with Love, Healing and Compassion.

Mary's first career was as a fundraiser in higher education, where her listening skills helped people realize their dreams and helped her raise millions of dollars for the universities for whom she worked. She ended this fifteen-year career to begin work with the newly-formed Flagstaff Center for Compassionate Communication and thus started her journey in NVC.

Mary's guiding vision is to help people fully connect to themselves and their world so that they may experience more joy. Toward this end, she teaches Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to individuals, families and couples, and she works with organizations by offering individual or group workshops and facilitating organization-wide restructuring. Her primary focus is to make NVC easy to understand and integrate, thus making it accessible to everyone. More...