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Taking Deep Breaths

Dear friend,

As I sit down to write this, I find I am struggling with what to say. I notice that I feel both deeply weary and humbled to realize that this is the last month of 2020… I usually take time to reflect on the passing year in December, and begin to shape my plans for the New Year. When I think about 2020, however, I am filled with sadness: there have been so many days of despair and grief…

I imagine many of us feel this way.

So, I'm finding it challenging to consider my plans for the New Year. Instead, I am choosing to focus on this moment right now.

Please join me in taking a pause in deep compassion for all the people (ourselves included) who have suffered loss this past year… who are experiencing enormous levels of uncertainty and chaos… and who have been compelled to imagine life differently.

Deep breath of compassion.

And let us be grateful for whatever we can be grateful for – small things or big things. Moments when we met someone else's pain in a way we felt good about… amazing moments of courage when we found a way to value all needs equally, even when life was trying… moments when, in the midst of uncertainty, we felt a smidgen of peace.

Deep breath of gratitude.

And together, amid a worldwide community of NVC enthusiasts, let us face this last month of the year with our eyes wide open and ready to face 2021 with strength and courage.

May we be inspired.

The NVC Academy team remains strong in support of you, our fellow trainers, and of all the members in our beloved worldwide NVC community. We look forward to continuing to:

  • Reveal our blind spots so we may live closer and closer to our values;
  • Provide quality NVC programs to as many people as we possibly can;
  • Support our trainers in sharing their work even when in-person trainings aren't possible in many parts of the world; and
  • Finding new and creative ways to support you even more!

We are so happy to be part of this community with you. May you and those you love experience peace, and may you know you matter.

Bowing in respect,

Mary Mackenzie
CNVC Certified Trainer and Co-founder, NVC Academy

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end of this section Monthly Gift. "What is Mine to Do?" Miki Kashtan ~ Responding to the Call of Our Times, 2020: Session 32. How DO we live our lives? What is an effective response to what is happening in the world? Listen in as Miki dialogs with a participant asking, "What is mine to do?", and honors the dissonance we feel when we are working to change. Check It Out. Want to explore this topic more deeply, perhaps gain more clarity around it? Check out Miki's winter intensive, Making NVC Relevant to a World in Crisis, which takes place December 15, 16, and 17 (10:30am through 12:00pm PST).end of this section Courses Beginning in December and January. All times listed are Pacific (California) times. "The objective of NVC is not to change people and their behavior in order to get our way; it is to establish relationships based on honesty and empathy which will eventually fulfill everyone's needs." –Marshall Rosenberg –Marshall Rosenberg
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Miki Kashtan
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday • December 15, 16, 17 • 10:30am - 12:00pm PST

New Year's Peace Meditation: FREE
Mary Mackenzie
January 1  •  3:00 - 3:20pm PST

The time has been changed to accommodate the greatest number of time zones.

Radical Self-Compassion
Arnina Kashtan, Sarah Peyton, and Mary Mackenzie
Meets one Wednesday per month
January 20, 2021 - January 12, 2022  •  7:00 - 9:00pm PST

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