2021 Thrive Together Trainers &Topics

August 20, 10am PT
Mika Maniwa and Leonie Smith
Why Am I Cringing? And What Can I Do About It?

Why do we cringe? Perhaps we've been asked to convey our feelings and our needs but we have a sense that this authentic expression is not welcome. How do we handle this? In this session, you are invited to come and explore the power dynamics of cringing and its alternatives.

August 20, 10am PT
Kathy Simon and Itzel Hayward
Speaking Up As An Ally: How to Keep People at the Table for Authentic Conversations About Race

When people we know say things that we hear as racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise oppressive, responding can be difficult. Using skill-building and practices, we will explore how to respond in ways that the other person is more likely to hear. You will walk away feeling more prepared to have conversations with those who see things differently from you.

Harvest 1: August 20, 12pm PT
Kathleen Macferran, Susanna Warren, and Roxy Manning
Trainer Candidate Community Path and Black Indigenous People of Color Transformatory

We offer practice opportunities to individuals who are integrating NVC principles to co-create an equitable, interdependent world. Our systems and structures are built to support us in living these principles while recognizing the roles of certified trainer and assessor with CNVC.  We consistently gather, virtually and in person, for learning, empathic connection, collaboration, and feedback.  

August 20, 1:30pm PT Spanish interpreted to English
Alan Rafael Seid
How to Serve the World in a Financially Sustainable Way

Discover how to transform money, business, and marketing into life-serving forces. In this session, you will learn a 9-Step "road map" for building a positive-impact, right-livelihood that aligns with your values and ethics. Come learn how to serve others with your gifts in a way that also serves you!

August 20, 1:30pm PT English
Eddie Zacapa
NVC & Domestic Violence: Healthy Intrapersonal Communication Skills for Perpetrators & Victims of Domestic Violence

This session explores how NVC can transform relationships that have experienced domestic violence. You will come away with an understanding of what constitutes domestic violence and knowledge of intrapersonal skills for the individuals on all sides of abuse. Come learn and discover how to support those in a domestic violence relationship.

August 20, 4pm PT
Sarah Peyton
Healing the Dance of Shame in Relationship

How do the nervous systems of friends and partners respond to contempt, shame, or disappointment? Profound neurobiological changes happen in such moments and, despite their impact, NVC can help us become shame-resilient. Come experience some life-changing brain science and empathy to help our bodies and brains become good places to live.

August 20, 4pm PT

Kathy Ziola
Dangerous Assumptions

Assumptions can be extremely damaging to your relationships! Here we will explore three key assumptions that can consistently block the connection you long for. Then we will practice remedies to these assumptions using specific NVC skills and mindsets so you can shift from disconnection to open-hearted understanding and closeness!

Harvest 2: August 20, 6pm PT

Martha Suárez and Alejandra Betanzo
Colmena - offered in Spanish with interpretation to English

Colmena provides a virtual learning platform for CNVC certified trainers. Here they are able to share principles, practices, skills, and tools of NVC consciousness through online courses and workshops for spanish-speaking participants from all over the world.

August 20, 7:30pm PT

Kathleen Macferran and Jared Finkelstein
Do the Right Thing! Move Beyond "Right and Wrong" and into CHOICE

This session explores the practice of choosing to untangle right/wrong thinking so you can hold all views with compassion. From this place, we find strategies to address the complexities of needs within differences. Learn to create a reflective space that sees beyond ideas of right and wrong and into the realm of interdependence.

August 20, 7:30pm PT

Aya Caspi
NVC Zen: The Paradox of Responsibility

How do we not take responsibility for other's experiences while taking full responsibility for the impact of our choices? Come learn how to support the move from emotional "slavery" to emotional liberation, while still maintaining interdependence. You will come away with a 5-step process to restore trust and take full responsibility without judgment, shame, or guilt.

August 20, 10pm PT
Elena Bernasconi Tabellini & Marco Matera
The Overlapping Worlds of NVC and Permaculture

Elena and Marco are here to lead you on an exploration into the similarities that NVC and permaculture principles and elements share. Both approaches care for people and earth, and they can support one another in fostering a world where we can all thrive! Let's take the first steps together!

August 20, 10pm PT (English)
Ranjitha Jeurkar
Speak Up, Or Let Go?

Have you ever been told to choose your "battles" wisely? If yes, have you wondered how to make that choice? How do you know when it's better to speak up, or just let it go? In this session, we will take some time to explore these questions using the self-empathy process and focusing on needs.

Harvest 3: August 21, 12am PT
Filipa Hope

NVC – Aotearoa New Zealand Charitable Trust

NVC New Zealand offers a website that provides trainer biographies and offerings, as well as a monthly newsletter. It also supports NVC NZ trainers in collaboration and connection events. Their website is the point of contact for local and global contact with NVC in NZ.  In emailing this trust, anyone can be directed to what they are looking for regarding NVC in New Zealand.  

August 21, 1:30am PT
Hema Pokharna
Inspiration For Your Nonviolent Journey

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."― Howard Thurman  Aliveness is a practice that involves thoughts, words, and actions. In this session, you will learn empowering approaches to support your inner and outer aliveness.

August 21, 1:30am PT

Frank Gaschler
What do I really need here?

Conflicts revolve around all sorts of little things, especially when living situations get tight. The socks in the living room, the dishes in the sink, or the coffee cup on the counter. Is it really about the socks, or something deeper? Here we will peel the onion to get to the core of our needs.

August 21, 4am PT
Mina Mo
Aesthetic Communication

Sometimes, non-verbal forms of communication can be much richer than verbal ones. Here we will all share our life stories in an artistic way through movement, drawing, music, and poetry. No professional art experience necessary. Please bring your painting supplies, drawing paper, and musical instruments if you have them! Let's enjoy artistic resonance together.

August 21, 4am PT

Magiarí Díaz Díaz
Grief Ceremony: For All My Relations

Native traditions around the world see grieving in community as an essential practice for honouring, healing, restoring and releasing relationships. Yet, our modern, fast-paced lives rarely allow the time and space for it. This session will give participants a safe, loving space to grieve in community.

August 21, 6:30am PT
Roxy Manning
NVC for Real: Questions about NVC in Sticky Relationships

If you have questions about how to use NVC in a specific challenging relationship, this session is for you. Discover if NVC is useful where there are power differences. Feeling hopeless about NVC's capacity to help you connect with the people who voted for "that" candidate or supported "this" legislation? Ask Roxy about your sticky situations and explore which aspects of NVC might help.

August 21, 6:30am PT
Dian Killian
Beyond Emotional "Safety" | Creating a Culture of Authenticity and Trust

Whether it is in the bedroom or the boardroom, authenticity and trust are the crucial elements of any high functioning partnership or organization. Come learn how to restore and build trust with each interaction while leveraging your power to create change (regardless of the structural power you hold).

Harvest 4: August 21, 8:30am PT
Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP) 

PPLP is beginning its 16th year of training parents, educators, and others who work with youth to be leaders in their community. The 9 month program supports leaders in deepening their capacity to understand NVC, to live NVC, and to share NVC.

August 21, 10am PT
Rachelle Lamb
Love in a time of Climate Change

Climate change does not exist in isolation. It happens in concert with anxiety, depression, and societal fragmentation – all indicators of trauma, imbalance, and separation. In this session, we will acquaint ourselves with the wisdom of making room for the discomforts we would prefer to avoid and explore what it could mean to ourselves and to humanity to be deeply connected to life in a time such as ours. 

August 21, 10am PT
Miki Kashtan and Emma Quayle
Purpose, Intimacy, and Choice: Creating Relationships that Defy Patriarchy

Patriarchal conditioning creates a deep groove of narratives about relationships. This is an introduction to a different pathway that questions relational dyads and rests on a deep alignment of purpose and values that we can have with many people. It offers deep intimacy without the need for sexuality and one-on-one focus. Come explore how we can re-groove the pathway from separation to interdependence.

August 21, 12:30pm PT
Mitch Miyagawa
The Energy of Aliveness: Eros & NVC

This workshop is a playful and fun exploration of eros, the energy of aliveness, in relationships. You'll explore your "eroself" through imaginal exercises and movement, solo and in empathic pairs. Come discover the link between eros and NVC by examining feelings and needs through an erotic prism, which reflects sensual pleasure, desire, and embodiment.

August 21, 12:30pm PT
Camila Reyes Azcuénaga
What Relationship Can Teach Us
Las Relaciones Nuestras Grandes Maestras

The future of our survival is in the restoration and deepening of our ability to relate to each other. NVC shows us how our relationships can be our teachers, coaches, and mentors, connecting with our deepest consciousness. Come explore how relationships are a bridge and what they are in service to during these times of great turning.

El futuro de nuestra supervivencia está en la posibilidad de restaurar y profundizar nuestra capacidad de relacionarnos. La CNV nos muestra un camino en el que podemos dejar que nuestras relaciones sean nuestras maestras para conectarnos con nuestra conciencia más profunda. Ven a explorar las relaciones como un puente, y  descubre al servicio de qué están en estos tiempos de cambio.

August 21, 3pm PT
Kristin Masters
Rainbow Connections: NVC for Q+

Rainbow connections is a space to explore relationships with and for those who identify as lgbtq+. With realness and warmth, we will acknowledge what we have had to face, and at what cost. We can create the world we dream of by celebrating ourselves and our love. Expect to walk away with a truer connection and understanding of self.

August 21, 3pm PT
Lore Baur
Tea or No Tea? Requests, Agreements, and Consent

In our grab-and-go, fast-paced culture it is easy to forget to check in with one another before acting. Rather than imposing specific strategies or agendas, NVC helps us create a culture of dialogue where all voices are valued. Come learn ways to inspire cooperation and build relationships of trust where everyone's values are equally respected.

Harvest 5: August 21, 5pm PT
Mary Mackenzie

Closing Session

Please join NVC Academy Cofounder, Mary Mackenzie, for this last opportunity to gather our Thrive Together! community. Gather with us and share what you have learned, what you have mourned, and what you hope to integrate into your life. It IS possible to Thrive Together. Let’s spend this last hour demonstrating that!