The Art of Dialogue:  
Build Your Relationships with Honesty and Empathy

with Yoram Mosenzon
Saturday, May 7, 2022
9:00am - 12:00pm Pacific (California) Time 

We all have one very important thing in common, no matter what our role is. As parents, children, bosses, friends, healers and leaders – we all need to master communication! 

Why? To hide our truth is personally costly in the short term and even more costly in the long term. Thankfully, while you may notice resistance to your ideas at the level of the strategy, there is no conflict at the level of needs – and you can develop this muscle of being honest about your needs in ways that build connection and, through that quality of connection, collaboration. 

Have you wondered how to:

  • Be radically honest without being judgmental or demanding? 
  • Stand firmly and gracefully for your needs and assertively ask for what you want – without harming your relationships? 
  • Connect through conflict in ways that value all parties? 
  • Express and hear a ‘NO’ while increasing your connection with others? 
  • Empower yourself to dissolve anger, pain, fear and hurt and increase the empathy between you? 
  • Hear the essence of what other people say, no matter how they express it?  

In this session, you will be introduced to how to do all these things through one simple, powerful and extremely effective process for improving your communication skills in all our relationships: Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


About Yoram Mosenzon

Yoram Mosenzon is a CNVC Certified Trainer, Coach, and Mediator. 

When he first discovered NVC over 20 years ago, Yoram was a dancer / choreographer. Eight years after discovering NVC, he decided to stop all his artistic activities and dedicate his time and energy to sharing NVC. 

Yoram now teaches NVC to the general public as well as to teachers, universities, parents, businesses, and teams. He travels internationally, teaching in The Netherlands, France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, the USA, and elsewhere. 

Yoram is one of four founders of the NVC (Giraffe) school in Amsterdam for children aged 0-21.