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Facing the Holidays in a Pandemic

Article • 4 - 6 minutes • 11/2020
Beginner Skill Level
4 - 6 minutes

The pandemic asks us to examine the way we have always done things. It asks to try something new and notice what happens. This is an opportunity to ask why you have done holidays in a certain way and what needs it met to do it that way. Perhaps it is an opportunity to experiment and see what new things might arise. Read on for questions to ask yourself that might help you process your triggers, "should's", feelings, needs and dilemmas.

Getting Started

Trainer Tip • 1 - 2 minutes • 02/26/2022
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
1 - 2 minutes

Trainer Tip: Identify one goal and take one small step toward achieving it today. It doesn’t matter how much or how often. The reward is in taking the first step, and then the second and third until you’ve attained your goal.

Confidentiality Agreement

Trainer Tip • 4 - 6 minutes • 2007
Advanced Skill Level
Trainer Tip
4 - 6 minutes

Ask the Trainer: "A participant in our beginners' NVC practice group asked the co-facilitators if there was a confidentiality agreement that was typically used in NVC practice groups?"

Can Needs Be Harmful?

Article • 7 - 10 minutes • 06/15/2017
All Skill Levels
7 - 10 minutes

Rachelle Lamb invites us to consider how our well being is impacted by what we choose to put at the center of our narrative regarding our needs.  And how that affects whether or not we get closer to truly serving life and compassion...

Integrating NVC (6 Session Course)

Audio • 6.5 - 9 hours • 09/2007
Intermediate Skill Level
6.5 - 9 hours

Does NVC seem like a good idea, but not practical? Do you feel frustrated when you find yourself in the same jackal scenario repeatedly? Let beloved trainer Kathleen Macferran guide you toward integrating NVC into all aspects of your life.

Peace Is Possible (4 Session Course)

Audio • 4 hours, 25 minutes • 11/29/2022
Beginner Skill Level
4 hours, 25 minutes

Listen to this 4-session telecourse recording with CNVC Certified Trainer, Hema Pokharna, PhD and her sister, Manda Pokharna, MD, and you will learn simple steps for transforming conflicts and mobilizing peace at home, at work and in the world.

Compassionate Connection: Nonviolent Communication with Children

Article • 12 - 18 minutes • 12/2/2021
Introductory Skill Level
12 - 18 minutes

Every interaction with children contains messages about who they are, who we are, and what life is like. By engaging attachment parenting and NVC we give them rare gifts in society: to know their parents well, to discover the effects of their actions without being blamed for them, and to experience the power of contributing to meeting others' needs, and the power to move towards mutually satisfying outcomes.

Requests in a Moment of Reactivity

Article • 3-5 minutes • 05/2019
Beginner Skill Level
3-5 minutes

Here are 16 helpful requests you can make before you're swept up in your own reactivity.

Understanding The Obstacle of Limiting Beliefs With Regard To Making Requests

Practice Exercise • 2-3 minutes • 05/25/2022
Beginner Skill Level
Practice Exercise
2-3 minutes

When you attempt to make a request what limiting beliefs come up? See if you recognize any from this list. Then compassionately observe your body sensations, impulses, feelings, needs, memories, energy, and images. In making the request ensure your request is connected to your needs, is doable, what you want, and not attached to them saying yes.

Facilitate Change: Using NVC to Create Social Change

Audio • 51 minutes • 12/2008
Intermediate Skill Level
51 minutes

Listen to this newly remastered audio with seasoned Life Coach and CNVC Certified Trainers Martha Lasley and Dian Killian, to explore how you can "be the change" in your life, to live fully in integrity with your values in your work, community, faith and social action groups.


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