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Building Trust

Article • 3 - 5 minutes • 8/2011
Intermediate Skill Level
3 - 5 minutes

How is trust best supported? Do you know what you do to contribute to making it easier or more difficult for others to express the truth (even in the most mundane moments)? Smaller requests can also built trust over time if they're rooted in the present moment, and are specific enough. Learn more about building trust...

Communicating with Children

Trainer Tip • 2 - 3 minutes • 10/2005
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
2 - 3 minutes

Trainer tip: Empathy can offer profound learning opportunities to children, expand their feelings and needs vocabulary, and teach them the positive results of valuing everyone’s needs. Read on for a story that illustrates this.

Introduction to Using NVC in Parenting

Video • 38 minutes • 2005
Introductory Skill Level
38 minutes

In this brief video, CNVC Certified Trainer and founder of the CNVC Parenting Project, Inbal Kashtan, offers a succinct and insightful overview for using Nonviolent Communication in your parenting role.

Using Therapeutic Communication to Connect with Patients

Article • 7 - 10 minutes • 2004
Advanced Skill Level
7 - 10 minutes

"I was taught in Nursing School that when someone expressed a feeling to reflect it back. I tried this technique in the room of a patient who had just received a diagnosis of cancer."

Being Honest About Our Anger

Trainer Tip • 1 - 2 minutes • 08/29/2005
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
1 - 2 minutes

Trainer Tip: Mary shares how staying present to our anger and finding the underlying feelings and needs can lead to deeper connection and more satisfying outcomes.

Your Brain's Left Hemisphere and NVC

Video • 7 minutes • 04/08/2017
Intermediate Skill Level
7 minutes

This resource is free for all to enjoy during May:

Sarah Peyton explains how your brain's left hemisphere excels at pattern making. NVC can help integrate both hemispheres, enabling you to use the left side's love of patterns for abstract thinking.

Inner Conflict and Agreements with Yourself

Article • 4 - 6 minutes • 4/2019
Intermediate Skill Level
4 - 6 minutes

There are three things you can do to sort inner conflict and make doable, sustainable agreements with yourself. This capacity can build trust with yourself to follow through, and to develop diverse and creative solutions -- thereby increasing confidence and ease.

4-step Gratitude Process for the Holiday Season

Video • 11 minutes • 12/2/2022
Beginner Skill Level
11 minutes

Want ideas on how to more easily build resilience and navigate life's challenges? Listen in as Jim and Jori review their 4-Step Gratitude Practice and their 60 Challenge Practice, too!

Peace Is Possible (4 Session Course)

Audio • 4 hours, 25 minutes • 11/29/2022
Beginner Skill Level
4 hours, 25 minutes

Listen to this 4-session telecourse recording with CNVC Certified Trainer, Hema Pokharna, PhD and her sister, Manda Pokharna, MD, and you will learn simple steps for transforming conflicts and mobilizing peace at home, at work and in the world.

NVC Life Hacks 2: How Not to Listen

Video • 4 minutes • 02/23/2018
Beginner Skill Level
4 minutes

In this, the second in a series on applying NVC to daily life, Shantigarbha offers five tips for recognizing where communication is likely to go awry.

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