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NVC LIfe Hacks 11: Effective Requests

Video • 4 minutes • 01/25/2019
Beginner Skill Level
4 minutes

Underlying much of our communication is a request: when we say something, we're usually expecting something else — perhaps something subtle — in return. Let's look at how to make requests clearer and more do-able, avoiding the pitfall of demands.

Engage Your Curiosity

Trainer Tip • 1 - 2 minutes • 10/2005
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
1 - 2 minutes

Trainer Tip: When someone acts in baffling ways we can either wonder about what’s going on with the other person, create our own stories about it (blame, resent, make assumptions), or inform ourselves by asking. This is an opportunity to learn something new.

Being Honest About Our Anger

Trainer Tip • 1 - 2 minutes • 08/29/2005
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
1 - 2 minutes

Trainer Tip: Mary shares how staying present to our anger and finding the underlying feelings and needs can lead to deeper connection and more satisfying outcomes.

The Sweetest Game in Town: Contributing Without Praise

Trainer Tip • 2-3 minutes • 05/2009
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
2-3 minutes

Inbal answers a parent's question about praise and offers a perspective on how praise translates into the NVC framework.

Reframing OFNR for the Workplace

Audio • 7 minutes • 07/10/2016
Beginner Skill Level
7 minutes

Listen in as Dian reframes the 4 steps of NVC (observations, feelings, needs, requests) into everyday words you might hear at work.

Truth as an Act of Love

Audio • 2 hours, 14 minutes • 06/2008
Intermediate Skill Level
2 hours, 14 minutes

Speaking the truth creates congruence, which creates trust, facilitating understanding and cooperation. Without truth there is no growth in our relationships and community. If this is true, then what keeps us from speaking our truth?

Expressing Vulnerable Honesty While Fearful

Audio • 30 minutes • 02/03/2009
Beginner Skill Level
30 minutes

What do you do when you are thinking that it's not "emotionally safe" to speak honestly?  Join CNVC Certified Trainer Arnina Kashtan as she explores this topic with a workshop participant.

Enemy Images Process and Exercise

Practice Exercise • N/A • Circa 2007
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
Circa 2007

Ask the Trainer: "What guidance do you have for working with enemy images? Can you say some things about processes and/or exercises that can bring relief from this trap?"

Sowing the Quilt of Connection

Audio • 1 hour, 3 minutes • 03/26/2016
Beginner Skill Level
1 hour, 3 minutes

Jim Manske offers practices to stay in dialogue without defensiveness, especially when it's difficult. Listen to Jim discuss the refining of our commitment to connection and how to respond to others' defensiveness too.

Safe spaces and confidentiality agreements

Video • 4min. 7sec. • 1/28/2023

4min. 7sec.

Certified CNVC trainer Roxy Manning, Phd, answers a question: how to create a safe space for a first time group working on power and privileges ?

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