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Basic Pitfalls of Using NVC

Article • 5 -8 minutes • 06/14/2012
Beginner Skill Level
5 -8 minutes

Miki explains the distinction between the language and the underlying consciousness of NVC, and the pitfalls of failing to do so.

Be What You Want in the World

Trainer Tip • 1 - 2 minutes • 05/11/2005
Beginner Skill Level
Trainer Tip
1 - 2 minutes

Trainer Tip: It's up to us to get our own needs met. Mary offers some encouraging tips to do just that!

The Illusion of Conflicting Needs

Practice Exercise • 30 minutes • 09/08/2019
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
30 minutes

This exercise will help you resolve situations in which you have two needs which seem to be in conflict with each other, transforming inner conflict into peace.

Celebrating Mourning

Article • 3 - 5 minutes • 2005
Intermediate Skill Level
3 - 5 minutes

In a recent vacation in a Mexican village, I was surprised to find myself in the midst of a community in mourning. Two days before I came, a 21-year-old girl had died in a car accident. Everyone in the town knew her and was openly affected by her death.

Dialogue with Extended Family

Audio • 1 hour, 14 minutes • 02/28/2014
Intermediate Skill Level
1 hour, 14 minutes

Many families are far more complex and varied than they used to be. In this recording, Miki works with participants, focusing on specific challenges they’re facing with family members. Listen In.

Asking to be Known

Article • 7 - 12 minutes • 3/2019
Intermediate Skill Level
7 - 12 minutes

There are various ways to be known. Learn how to engage and make clear requests accordingly. This includes getting clear in yourself about what exactly you want known; communicating how important it is to you; sharing examples in your life of being known; requesting and negotiating from the energy of the met need; letting the other person know whether or not the relationship is really sustainable for you if the need goes unmet long-term; and checking the other person's capacity.

Dissolving Enemy Images

Audio • 34 minutes • 08/16/2014
Intermediate Skill Level
34 minutes

Francois shares the benefits of living in the Blame Free State, the state of the heart that has no enemies. Dissolve your enemy images.

Contributing to Emotional Safety Without Giving Up Honesty

Article • 5 - 7 minutes • 02/2020
Beginner Skill Level
5 - 7 minutes

Even in a conflict, you can offer emotional safety without being enmeshed -- and you can do this without sliding into strategies to gain power over another. You can prioritize connection, express your intention, make space for mutuality, honestly reveal what you care about and propose a way forward. This means caring for your needs regardless of their response -- and mourning if their response isn't what you want. Read on for more.

What Does It Mean To Be Sensitive, Not Reactive?

Article • 2-3 minutes • 07/2020
Intermediate Skill Level
2-3 minutes

Reactivity is the misperception of threat coupled with lack of access to compassion and wisdom. Sensitivity is an ability to deeply perceive data, plus consciously attend to and attune to data, as it comes through the five senses. It can be a gift. If you lack the skill to care for any of your sensitivity-overwhelm by setting boundaries, you may develop reactive habits, like suddenly withdrawing or lashing out in order to get relief.

Connecting with Someone Who Has Cancer

Trainer Tip • 6 minutes • Circa 2007
Intermediate Skill Level
Trainer Tip
6 minutes
Circa 2007

Ask the Trainer: I feel overwhelmed thinking of writing to someone with cancer. What can I do?