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NVC Course Recordings for beginners, trainers, and everyone in between, Unlock your communication potential!  (Learn Nonviolent Communication)
NVC Course Recordings for beginners, trainers, and everyone in between, Unlock your communication potential!

Parenting without Obedience: An Introduction to Intergenerational Collaboration

MP4 Video Download • 5 Sessions • Recorded in 2020
  • Inscrease compassion for yourself through understanding why your capacity may lag so far behind your commitment and what you can do to bridge the gap
  • Higher Compassion for your children as you understand better what life is like from within their own experience rather than from the outside looking in
  • Surge in energy that you can put into new conversations with them designed to make agreements that are based on the truth of where you all are rather than on any "should"

Healing Trauma, Finding Forgiveness: Partners, Parents, Children, and Self

MP4 Video Download • 7 Sessions • Recorded in 2020
  • Look at your old patterns with warmth – while also opening yourself up to change.
  • Increase your self-compassion – and gain a solid ground to stand on.
  • Become intimate with your own survival strategies – and those of the people you love.
  • Support healing and connecting in your long-term relationships – even when it seems there is no resolution in sight!

Building Restorative Systems for Transforming Conflict

MP4 Video Download • 10 Sessions • Recorded in 2021
  • Learn how to set up and maintain effective systems
  • Acquire tips for harnessing community buy-in and the energies of key people
  • Transform tension and anxiety into peaceful, life-enriching energy
  • Remain grounded and confident when facing any kind of conflict

It's Not Just Me: Bringing a Systemic Lens to individual Healing

MP4 Video Download • 3 Sessions • Recorded in 2018

How can we mobilize this insight in support of our own and others' healing? These recordings will shed light on how the social context into which we are born affects our experience, and what we can do about it at the individual level within the paradigm of nonviolence.

The Amazing Power of Empathy

MP4 Video Download • 4 Sessions • Recorded in 2020
  • Cultivate thriving interpersonal relationships
  • Discover paths to move beyond anger, blame, and judgment
  • Connect with the Divine essence in other people
  • Experience greater ease and joy in all your interactions

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