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Naming the Feeling/Need

Beginner Skill Level • Audio (Public) • 00:03 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
Audio (Public)
00:03 hours:minutes
When you experience an emotion, your body send a message to your brain that lights up the amygdala. Then what? Watch and listen as Sarah Peyton demonstrates of the NVC practice Naming the Feeling and Need, which calms the amygdala and enables you to move…

Healing Shame

Intermediate Skill Level • Audio (Public) • 12 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
12 minutes
What do you do with feelings of shame? During this 12-minute excerpt from her course, From Shame to Vulnerability, Liv Larsson uses The Compass to explore the four directions you can move to when experiencing shame, and guides you through the different responses.

Empathy, Honestly

All Skill Levels • Audio (Public) • 7 minutes
All Skill Levels
Audio (Public)
7 minutes
Yoram defines empathy as a blending of the arts of listening and following, and says it is the biggest gift we can offer each other! Listen what can happen when a restless child has the presence and attention of his mother.

Race and Racism: Questions and Answers

All Skill Levels • Audio (Public) • 00:14 hours:minutes
All Skill Levels
Audio (Public)
00:14 hours:minutes
During this segment, Roxy answers questions about reverse racism; Black lives matter vs all lives matter; what it means when a person of color calls you a racist; how to address seeing color without being color blind; and defines micro-aggressions.

What is Mine to Do?

All Skill Levels • Audio (Public) • 19 minutes
All Skill Levels
Audio (Public)
19 minutes
How DO we live our lives? What is an effective response to what is happening in the world? Listen in as Miki dialogs with a participant asking, "What is mine to do?", and honors the dissonance we feel when we are working to change.

Self-Empathy Process

Intermediate Skill Level • Audio (Public) • 00:11 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
00:11 hours:minutes
Listen in as Mary deftly demonstrates a self-empathy process based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). This unique process uses very few words, yet enables you to remain focused and grounded when you are feeling unable to think clearly, or are feeling agitated or even scared.

Your Resonant Self

Intermediate Skill Level • Audio (Public) • 6 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
6 minutes
When blaming, we tend to function from the position of lone hero / self-critical witness. Listen in as Sarah works with a participant facing her judgements about others not caring for the planet.

Bringing Yourself Back Into Balance

Intermediate Skill Level • Audio (Public) • 55 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
55 minutes
Listen in as Sarah explores five common ways of bringing yourself back into balance after an emotional experience, and how an awareness of the difference between self-management and self-regulation can ease the process.

Responding to the Call of Our Times: What is Leadership?

Intermediate Skill Level • Audio (Public) • 1 hour
Intermediate Skill Level
Audio (Public)
1 hour
What specifically is leadership? And why do so many people step back from it? Listen in as Miki shares her experience and thoughts around changing the paradigm of leadership, as well as the role – and challenges – of using NVC when working for social…

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