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Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go

Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go

Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go

  • Skill Level: Beginner Skill Level
  • Time Investment: 52 minutes
  • Date Published: 1/1/2022

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed – or locked into passivity? This course offers you a way out. Learn to change the way you perceive leadership, and you’ll help yourself respond more powerfully and proactively every day of your life – wherever you are – and whomever you’re with!

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This is the first session of Miki's 4 session course recording, Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go.

The course recording is available in its entirety through the NVC Library.

When you're a Change Agent, you approach leadership as someone who consciously chooses to make different responses to where you already are, instead of seeing leadership as an internal demand to add more projects and activities to your already full life.

Session Topics:

Session 1 - Facilitating from the Sidelines
Session 2 - Connecting across Differences Aiming for Mutually Beneficial Outcomes
Session 3 - Transcending Isolation and Bringing Forth Humanity
Session 4 - Aiming for a World that Works for All Including Current Opponents