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The Facilitator's Role

Intermediate Skill Level • Video • 10 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
10 minutes
Listen in as Mary deftly blows the role of facilitator wide open in this excerpt from her very popular 2021 course, Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence. She also covers a variety of useful tips such as what to do if you feel lost…

Restoring Togetherness

All Skill Levels • Video • 14 minutes
All Skill Levels
14 minutes
Struggling to navigate needs between the vaccinated and unvaccinated? How can we disagree and still understand each other? Listen in as a participant engages with Miki about her struggle to choreograph people's divergent needs around vaccines, and enjoy Miki's tip for reflecting back understanding when…

Life Force and the Spirituality of Human Needs

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 1 hour 6 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
1 hour 6 minutes
Your needs and your values are your Life Force: the river that flows through your spirit and your life, giving life and light to your being. Explore this river with Robert, and map out routes that support your growth. Gain a deeper understadning and acceptance…

Clarity, Compassion and Empowerment

Beginner Skill Level • Video • 42 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
42 minutes
Living Compassion, for Robert, represents the spirituality that resides in every aspect of Nonviolent Communication. Its foundational principles are represented by three primary qualities or states of being: clarity, compassion and empowerment. In this course you’ll explore – and practice – how the unfolding of…

Integration of Inner and Outer: Our Relationship to ALL of Life

Beginner Skill Level • Video • 38 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
38 minutes
During this course, you'll deeply examine this process of blending and integrating your inner and outer selves. Not only will you explore various states of being, such as defensive / protective and being / essence, you'll delve into the primary levels of relationship: to others,…

Neural Pathways to Happiness

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 20 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
20 minutes
Want to learn how to live your life more fully than you ever dreamed? In this course you’ll learn how you can shake off old behaviors that no longer serve you, get inspired to embrace a daily happiness practice, and begin experiencing a brand new…

Healing and Reconciliation

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 55 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
55 minutes
Old emotional hurts and pains can easily erupt when you’re in the throes of conflict – even if you’re the mediator. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could avoid all of that, and instead create more peace and happiness for yourself, your family, your co-workers…

Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go

Beginner Skill Level • Audio • 52 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
52 minutes
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed – or locked into passivity? This course offers you a way out. Learn to change the way you perceive leadership, and you’ll help yourself respond more powerfully and proactively every day of your life – wherever you are – and…

Feedback without Criticism

Intermediate Skill Level • Audio • 58 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
58 minutes
Why Is giving feedback important and what makes it hard? Learn what makes giving and receiving feedback challenging and how you can turn these experiences into opportunities for learning, connection, and effective functioning.

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