Meet the Team

Mary MackenzieMary Mackenzie, Co-founder
Mary Mackenzie is a CNVC Certified Trainer and executive director of Peace Workshop International. She is the author of "Peaceful Living: Daily Meditations for Living with Love, Healing and Compassion". Mary holds a master’s degree in Human Relations and is a trained mediator.

Mary’s first career was as a fundraiser in higher education, where her listening skills helped people realize their dreams and helped her raise millions of dollars for the universities where she worked. She ended this 15-year career to begin work with the newly formed Flagstaff Center for Compassionate Communication.

Mary’s guiding vision is to help people fully connect to themselves and their world so that they may experience more joy. Toward this end, she teaches Nonviolent Communication to children, adults, families, couples and adolescents, and she works with organizations by offering individual or group workshops and facilitating organization-wide restructuring.

Mark SchultzMark Schultz, Co-founder
Mark Schultz was first introduced to Nonviolent Communication in 1989 while attending the BodyMind College in San Diego, California. He has been practicing NVC and organizing NVC events ever since. Mark's first career spanned 15 years in the computer graphics industry before starting an Internet design and marketing consultancy in 1995. Mark started an NVC practice group that has been active for over fifteen years.

Rachel Garmon

Rachel Garmon, Audio Editor
Rachel and her husband Bob have held eclectic positions over the years. Their last grand adventure was to own and run a Health Food Store in Phoenix, Arizona. As such, Rachel brings an amazing amount of information about the science and spiritual aspects of physical health. While some have questioned her detail-oriented manner, her perfectionistic proclivities are perfectly matched as the NVC Academy Audio Editor. Rachel brings experience running her own business, as well as clarity and passion to her work.

Personally, Rachel and her husband Bob live in a home they built themselves in Cornville, a small rural town in northern Arizona. She has two grown sons who adore her. Rachel has a strong value for community and so she spends much of her time organizing and facilitating local NVC gatherings and trainings. Rachel is a deeply spiritual person who pursues many other avenues for deeper connection with herself and others in addition to her NVC passions; she shows devotion to them all. And if you are lucky enough to get even just one of Rachel’s big smiles directed toward you, you would understand that spirituality is an inside-out experience.

lore-baur-075Lore Baur, Live Course Coordinator
As a Live Course Coordinator, Lore works to create a system that supports our participants in learning NVC.  Lore is a certified trainer for the International Center for Nonviolent Communication.   She holds a master's degree in science education from the University of Iowa and has taught public school since 1993.  Her mornings are spent playing and learning with middle school students. Lore's interest in inquiry and curiosity lends itself to her practice of compassion and mindfulness. She finds inspiration in the ways that nature designs systems to meet needs through interdependent relationships.  And draws hope from research that suggests we are cooperative beings, seeking connection and belonging, and that our language influences our perceptions of the world.  She resides in Iowa City, Iowa with her loving husband Steve and the two of them hold dear their grown sons, Dan and Chris, and their sweet dog Togo.

Robin O’Brien, Live Course and Help Desk Team Leader
Robin's current roles in her world include wife/partner, mother, homeschool teacher of 3, care taker, social activist, and student of life and love.  She is passionate about creating social change and world harmony through compassion, parenting, and community.  She has spent the last 15 years in study of Nonviolent Communication.  She is a martial artist and shares empowerment self-defense in her community.  She is especially passionate about the intersection of NVC, martial arts, and self-defense.  She has participated in and served as assistant to the Parent Peer Leadership Program.  She was a founding member of Maryland Families for Safe Birth, which introduced legislation to legalize home birth midwifery in Maryland.  Robin is especially passionate about work with teen girls.

Melissa Pai Ling, NVC Multimedia Library Editor
With a talent for developing creative solutions and bringing a high level of attention to both “big picture” and detail in her work, Melissa's background includes:

  • Implementing over four years of NVC leadership, in various contexts - including her work as former board director at the BC Network for Compassionate Communication, and NVC Facilitator
  • Honing her seven years of writing and editing experience
  • Applying collaboration and customer service in various organizations since 1996
  • Developing and running entrepreneurial ventures since 2001, and
  • Consistently incorporating NVC learning and practice since 2012

Besides deepening her NVC integration and questioning NVC culture, what are some things that bring her joy? Dance flash mobs, improv games, mutual inspiration, empowerment, and daydreams of “being in a serene, cuddle-snuggle pile of chubby kitties and bunnies”.

jessica vogt 075Jessica Vogt, Live Course Coordinator and Help Desk Team
Jessica is dedicated to helping people deeply connect, accept each other's differences and celebrate our common humanity. She offers bilingual French-English training and coaching infused with the Nonviolent Communication approach and philosophy. Originally from France, Jessica brings her international experience and expertise in working with corporations and nonprofits.

Certified by the renowned Coaches Training Institute and accredited by the International Coach Federation, she's dedicated to coaching people through clarifying their aspiration, owning their talents, and realizing their potential.

Jessica is passionately convinced that NVC is one of the best tools we have to make the changes and the positive impact the world needs. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada right now with her husband Jack where they enjoy a minimalistic life, share creative projects and make sure they laugh every day!


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