The NVC Academy Advisory Council

hispanic-coupleThe NVC Academy Advisory Council members are volunteers dedicated to the mission and purpose of the NVC Academy and to the worldwide NVC community. The council consists of 4-8 members that include:

  • Professional advisors to the NVC Academy
  • CNVC Certified Trainers and/or NVC facilitators
  • NVC enthusiasts who are regular users of NVC Academy programs and products
  • One or both of the NVC Academy founders

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to provide objective advice and support to help the NVC Academy advance its goals, and to act as ambassadors to connect the NVC Academy with the worldwide NVC community.

The NVC Academy founders maintain responsibility for overseeing all aspects of company business, fiscal responsibility for the company and its operations, supervision of staff and sole responsibility for making all final decisions about programs, organizational structure, etc.

The NVC Academy team and Advisory Council members are committed to the values inherent in living in NVC consciousness and we conduct business and our personal relationships accordingly. This includes consensus-based decision making, as well as valuing the needs of all individuals, the NVC Academy organization and the worldwide NVC community.

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