Get Started with Nonviolent Communication

Welcome to the world of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). You’re about to open a door to an exciting, eye-opening way of thinking and learning about communication that can radically change your life!

Get Started with Nonviolent Communication is our FREE 30-day self-paced online program that gives you unlimited access to our online introductory level NVC materials. It includes a broad spectrum of audio files, videos, articles, trainers’ tips, exercises, online courses, learning tools and more, all from our NVC Multimedia Library.

I. Start Here: How to Use the "Get Started" Program

We want to ensure that your experience with the NVC Academy is fun and filled with inspired learning!  It's easy! This is your guide. Refer to these pages as often as you need to help yourself stay on track. Simply follow the numbered steps outlined below. They'll guide you at your own pace through the process of discovering just what nonviolent communication – known to us as NVC – is all about.

When you're finished, you'll:

  • Know why, when and how NVC evolved – and who the key players were
  • Understand what the underlying principles of NVC are
  • Be familiar with NVC's wonderfully practical components
  • Be able to begin building your own personalized set of NVC skills
  • Have heard many stories about how real people use NVC in their everyday lives

Use the right sidebar menu to navigate the course.

II.Background and History of NVC

In this section you'll learn about:

  • How, when and why NVC evolved
  • The components of NVC, from a historical perspective
  • NVC's founder, Marshall Rosenberg, PhD
  • The underlying principles, assumptions and benefits of NVC

Plus, you'll be able to watch a vintage 1993 video of NVC's founder Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, as he works with participants to resolve relationship issues!

III. Learning Tools

Section III provides you with a variety of learning tools and convenient reference materials for use in Sections IV through VI. You'll be able to download, print and use them any time.

IV. Introduction to NVC

It's time to learn the nuts and bolts of NVC! We've provided three different courses: Thorough, Moderate and Brief. Feel free to choose one, two or all three of them – which ever suits you best. (Taking all three courses will give you the most complete introduction to the practice of NVC.)

  • Thorough: provides you with a comprehensive introduction to NVC. It includes three different NVC learning tracks: Classic, Practical and Youth-oriented. Each track will take about three hours, so your total investment of time will range from 3 to 9 hours, depending on your choices.
  • Moderate: gives you a complete yet condensed introduction to NVC. It can be completed in about two hours.
  • Brief: choose this option if you'd like a single audio overview of NVC from one of the world's most experienced NVC trainers.You can also take all these courses for the most complete introduction to Nonviolent Communication.

5. Skill Building

Section V is designed to help you expand your NVC skills, offering six courses with each covering a specific area. (If you decide to take advantage of all the resources in each area, you'll maximize your knowledge and reap the greatest benefit!)

  • Developing Presence: Become more cognizant of yourself and your surroundings, and develop the prime ingredient of empathy: presence. Developing presence will improve your ability to be there for others, and for yourself.
  • Increasing Presence with Observations: Learn how improving your ability to observe without judgment will expand your overall awareness. Discerning between observation and evaluaton can mean the difference between understanding and conflict.
  • Developing Observation Skills: Become more adept at observing, and improve your ability to discern between observation and evaluation. See how you can prevent discord before it begins.
  • Feeling Awareness: Learn to be aware of and identify your feelings more easily, quickly and accurately. Enrich your inner life and be able to express yourself more clearly and receive others more fully.
  • Principles of NVC: Identifying Needs: Gain clarity about the oft misunderstood realm of human needs. Knowing what's really important to us can open the door to a new sense of reedom.
  • Colloquial NVC Options: Discover how easy it is to make your communication more natural and authentic. Natural expression can help us be both authentic and effective.


6. Examples of Applying NVC

Now, let's explore just how Nonviolent Communication can be applied to real-life, every day situations. Choose from these examples in the left-column menu:

  • Effective eMail
  • Introduction to Using NVC in Parenting
  • Practical Ideas to Keep Workplace Relationships Satisfying
  • How to Enjoy Your Family Holiday Dinner

What's Next?

We hope you found this introduction to Nonviolent Communication useful and interesting. And – if you're wondering "Now what?" here are some suggestions for other avenues you might explore:

 NVC Multimedia Library

NVC Academy's NVC Multimedia Library is a one-of-a-kind treasure trove that contains over 600 NVC learning resources from more than 40 CNVC Certified Trainers from around the world. Members can choose from resources covering a delightfully broad range of topics and skill levels. The Library is open 24/7, is easy to use and best of all, it's very affordable!

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Live NVC Courses

The NVC Academy offers live, cutting edge courses via telephone on an ongoing basis. Enjoy the convenience of learning NVC from world-renowned trainers in the comfort of your own home or workplace – a great opportunity!

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NVC Books

A wide variety of NVC books are available from Puddledancer Press – check them out!

In Person Training

There are thousands of CNVC Certified Trainers, NVC facilitators and NVC Meetup Groups around the world. Visit the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) to learn about in-person courses and other fun and educational NVC events.


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