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A Principle-Based Approach to Teaching NVC Basics


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  • Skill Level: All Skill Levels
  • Tagline: Want to share NVC with others? Learn how to rethink and share NVC basics with Miki!
  • Start Date: 12/18/17 - 12/20/17
  • Amount: $97 - $125
  • k2f---valid=none:::list=normal:::listmax=15---Course Dates: 12/18/17 - 12/20/17
  • Downloads: All registrants receive access to course recordings
  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Multi Trainer Num: 1
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    What Happens After I Purchase Recordings?

    Upon registration, you will receive an email with complete instructions to access the recordings, and suggestions to make the most of your course experience.


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