In the Spotlight: Interdependence

Conflicts, even of long standing duration, can be resolved if we can just keep the flow of communication going in which people come out of their heads and stop criticizing and analyzing each other, and instead get in touch with their needs, and hear the needs of others, and realize the interdependence that we all have in relation to each other. We can't win at somebody else's expense. We can only fully be satisfied when the other person's needs are fulfilled as well as our own.

—Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, Founder of Nonviolent Communication

Join CNVC Certified Trainer Arnina Kashtan as explores interdependence, autonomy, valuing self and others, and power-sharing in your relationships. Free yourself to honor your longing for community, belonging, and love. This resource is available for all to listen to and enjoy during August, just below:

Parenting Series: The Importance of Self-Empathy

Parenting Series: The Importance of Self-Empathy

Parenting Series: The Importance of Self-Empathy

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  • Skill Level: Intermediate Skill Level
  • Time Investment: 00:14 hours:minutes
  • Date Published: 2005

In this pre-recorded video training, Inbal offers parents and anyone with children in their life a lucid discussion of the important role self-empathy plays in creating healthy, supportive relationships.

Are the strategies you're using right now supporting your goals for the relationships you want with your children? In this introduction to the NVC principle of self-empathy, Inbal uses an interactive dialogue and simple instruction to help you:

  • Use self-empathy to connect to your feelings and needs with an open heart
  • Overcome cultural conditioning that confuses feelings with blame, judgment and evaluation
  • Separate your needs from choices you make to meet these needs
  • Start making new choices that are more likely to meet your needs

Who should watch this learning resource:

  • Parents and grandparents
  • Educators and child care providers
  • Anyone else with children in their life

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