Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

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  • Production Date: 10/01/2012
  • Completion Time: 03:00 – 09:00 hours:minutes
  • Skill Level: Introductory Skill Level

CNVC Certified Trainer Kathleen Macferran introduces us to Nonviolent Communication through three different learning tracks: Classic NVC, Practical NVC and Youth Oriented NVC. This course is complete with video examples and loads of practice exercises-- a great way to start learning NVC, or as a refresher if you've already begun.

  • History of NVC
  • What is NVC?
  • The Pupose of NVC
  • NVC Consciousness
  • Universal Languabge of Feelings and Needs
  • Metaphors
  • Two Modes of Communication
  • Four Components of NVC
  • Putting It All together
  • Four Choices in Hearing Any Message
  • Wrapping It Up
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