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In the Spotlight: Grief, Mourning & Loss

Without the capacity to mourn, we distance ourselves from our personal losses. From loss of relationships, of important people from our lives and our world. From loss of our dreams. From loss of our physical abilities and capacities. From loss of places that meant something dear to us. We cannot distance ourselves from loss without separating from life itself.
—Kristin Masters

Need a little help unearthing feelings or issues that have gotten tangled up with grief or loss? Check out Kristin Masters' gentle, healing telecourse, Dealing with Loss: Coming Back to Life. Her tender words may help you work through what is blocking your grief. All may listen to and enjoy the first session of this course. Listen just below...

Self Assessment Matrix

Self Assessment Matrix

Self Assessment Matrix

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  • Skill Level: All Skill Levels
  • Time Investment: 00:28 hours:minutes
  • Date Published: 1/2010

This self-assessment Matrix is a concrete step toward naming and clarifying many skills that you may find valuable in your life. We suggest you periodically assess your skills to track your progress. Listen to this overview of the Matrix, and download the Self Assessment Matrix document to use in your self-assessment. You can also download the handy Strength/Edge Worksheet to record your strengths and edges.

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