Teachers Expressing to Students and Colleagues

Advanced Skill Level • Trainer Tip • 3 pages
Advanced Skill Level
Trainer Tip
3 pages
Ask the Trainer: "I just started teaching in a public school and I'm not enjoying the violence that teachers express towards children and their colleagues. However, when I talk about NVC, most people listen but I feel they're either not understanding it or ..."

The Unconscious Mind Compared to the Conscious Mind

Advanced Skill Level • Trainer Tip • 2 pages
Advanced Skill Level
Trainer Tip
2 pages
Ask the Trainer: "I have the understanding that the unconscious is vast compared to conscious mind. When I state 'needs' how well can I depend on there being something beneath my awareness that is actually the motivation?"

Enemy Images Process and Exercise

Intermediate Skill Level • Practice Exercise • N/A
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
Ask the Trainer: "What guidance do you have for working with enemy images? Can you say some things about processes and/or exercises that can bring relief from this trap?"

Foundations of Nonviolent Communication

Beginner Skill Level • Multimedia • 
Beginner Skill Level
This comprehensive online course will teach you the basic tools of Nonviolent Communication, as well as provide you with information on communication patterns to avoid and those to employ to enhance your relationships.

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