robert gonzales 200x250In the Spotlight: Robert Gonzales

Robert Gonzales’ passion is in the spirituality of compassionate communication. He sees compassionate communication as a process that helps you connect more authentically with yourself and others, and as a spiritual practice and way of living.

Robert met Marshall Rosenberg in 1985, and has been been providing Nonviolent Communication training to community colleges, high schools, churches, social workers, psychologists, mediators, and others since 1986. A licensed psychologist and CNVC Certified Trainer from the Center for Nonviolent Communication, Robert is past President of the board of directors for the Center for Nonviolent Communication and a trainer at many NVC Intensive International Trainings, as well as a former assessor in North America for certifying NVC Trainers. He was one of the co-founders of the NVC Training Institute, a team of NVC trainers who offer in-depth and continuing NVC training in the United States and Europe.

For the first time, the NVC Multimedia Library has all nine sessions of Robert's webcasts, Living the Fullness of Life, available as a complete course with written transcripts. Living the Fullness of Life is Robert's first webcast series, and is truly a groundbreaking body of work. See just below for more details.

Healing Old Pain

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Advanced Skill Level  •  Video  •  00:41 hours:minutes
Watch this heartwarming video as Robert Gonzales works with a volunteer to heal old pain over a situation with her grandmother. By playing the grandmother role, and using three different role play scenarios, Robert guides the woman through three stages of healing.
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An Introduction to the Embodied Spirituality of NVC

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Beginner Skill Level  •  Video  •  00:21 hours:minutes
In this inspiring video, Robert Gonzales, veteran CNVC Certified Trainer, talks about his personal search to integrate spirituality into his daily life, and how Nonviolent Communication provided the missing link for this integration and has become the focus of his work.
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Working with a Difficult Counseling Situation

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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Video  •  00:30 hours:minutes
Clinical psychologist, Robert Gonzales, Ph.D., uses an open dialogue with a practitioner to explore effective, compassionate methods to handle a volatile counseling situation. This resource has been newly remastered to a larger, higher quality video.
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