All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  2 hours per session
Please join us on the fourth Saturday of most months for a 2 hour session and enjoy a taste of living within our empathic community, as well as a brief training and practice with our trainers. You will learn concrete skills and steps for practicing compassion and leadership in your life.
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  12 hours (2 hours per session)
Are you already fretting about the potential for holiday drama this year? For many, the holidays bring up all sorts of images and emotions, from sweet moments of giving and receiving to paralyzing anxiety around conflict and stress. Come build a supportive community with Jim and Jori, and travel through the holidays together instead! You will learn how to navigate through old negative patterns, discover how to use your vitality as a powerful tool for self care, open to savoring every moment regardless of the outcome, and much more.
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