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Integral Awareness and Practice for NVC Practitioners: Deepening NVC with Ken Wilber’s Integral Framework (Complete Course)

with Alan Seid
Advanced Skill Level •  Audio •  07:30 hours:minutes
Advanced Skill Level
07:30 hours:minutes
This telecourse recording gives NVC Practitioners a guided tour of Ken Wilber’s work, a meta-theory (theory of theories) that includes as much knowledge and wisdom from as many sources as possible. You will explore how NVC and Integral Framework mesh, overlap and complement each other.

Speaking the Unspoken Conversation (Complete Course)

Intermediate Skill Level •  Audio •  07:10 hours/minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
07:10 hours/minutes
Reveal, own and share the inner chatter that plays over and over in your head, in between the words you speak aloud. Arnina Kashtan will help you discover, embrace and open up the places inside that you’ve hidden and judged.

An Introduction to Self-Compassion (Complete Course)

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  11:12 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
11:12 hours:minutes
In this 10 session telecourse recording, world renowned CNVC Certified Trainer Robert Gonzales will help you discover a new level of self-acceptance that can lead to profound emotional healing and a deeper spiritual presence.

Theoretical Underpinnings of NVC (Complete Course)

Intermediate Skill Level •  Audio •  8 - 12 hours
Intermediate Skill Level
8 - 12 hours

Bring your inquisitive mind and open heart to Miki Kashtan's Theoretical Underpinnings of NVC and learn the principles that underlie the NVC practice.

The first session of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy.

Developing Compassion for Humans, Animals and All Life (Complete Course)

Beginner Skill Level •  Audio •  5 - 7 hours
Beginner Skill Level
5 - 7 hours

Join LoraKim Joyner to investigate how merging science, the social and emotional intelligence of humans, animals and other species and Nonviolent Communication can bring a greater sense of belonging and wholeness to your life, and care and justice to the lives of others.

The first part of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy:

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