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Library Resources with David Weinstock

Library Resources with David Weinstock

Library Resources with David Weinstock


All Skill Levels •  Trainer Tip •  Read Time: 4 - 6 minutes
All Skill Levels
Trainer Tip
Read Time: 4 - 6 minutes
In listening to what our emotions tell us, and embracing what we do not know, we begin the path of courage. Even though our culture tells us not to, revealing our imperfections is where we can deeply connect. Living our lives more courageously honest, can shift us towards inspiring one another. Read on for how some people experienced this in coming together to transform one woman's heroine addiction.

The Spiral Blend

Intermediate Skill Level •  Video •  00:15 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
00:15 hours:minutes
David explores how movement helps you hold your center when navigating challenging conversations. Example: Move to Wind ~ to calm your system; Move to Ground ~ to notice the ground on which you stand; and Step to Shikaku ~ step behind to practice empathic listening. Listen Now.

Mourning and Celebration: Two Sides of Gratitude

Introductory Skill Level •  Trainer Tip •  Read Time: 1 - 2 minutes
Introductory Skill Level
Trainer Tip
Read Time: 1 - 2 minutes
Mourning, grief and celebration is a way to connect with what we love and want to honor.  In this trainer tip we learn that these three things can become a way for us to understand our emotions regarding our losses and appreciations.

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