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Healing Old Pain

Advanced Skill Level • Video • 00:41 hours:minutes
Advanced Skill Level
00:41 hours:minutes
Watch this heartwarming video as Robert Gonzales works with a volunteer to heal old pain over a situation with her grandmother. By playing the grandmother role, and using three different role play scenarios, Robert guides the woman through three stages of healing.

Inspiring Organizations and Businesses to Consider NVC

Advanced Skill Level • Video • 00:25 hours:minutes
Advanced Skill Level
00:25 hours:minutes
In this brief but inspiring 3-part video series Gregg Kendrick, CNVC Certified Trainer and business leader, shares his experiences of embracing NVC within several organizations over several years.

Working with a Difficult Counseling Situation

Intermediate Skill Level • Video • 00:30 hours:minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
00:30 hours:minutes
Clinical psychologist, Robert Gonzales, Ph.D., uses an open dialogue with a practitioner to explore effective, compassionate methods to handle a volatile counseling situation. This resource has been newly remastered to a larger, higher quality video.

Using Integral Concepts to Improve Discernment

Advanced Skill Level • Video • 00:24 hours:minutes
Advanced Skill Level
00:24 hours:minutes
Wes Taylor, former CNVC Certified Trainer, uses Ken Wilber’s work to explain the developmental evolution of consciousness,. He then connects Wilber’s stage development concepts to the development of Nonviolent Communication.

Responding to the Call of Our Times: Guest Trainer Victor Lee Lewis

Beginner Skill Level • Video • 01:39 hours:minutes
Beginner Skill Level
01:39 hours:minutes
Victor shares a story about a bystander who takes action without formal authority, using it s an example of transformatiive leadership skills, acting with care, needs-based commitment to the well-being of "the whole," and making a positive difference.

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