Words that Liberate: The Movie

March 6, 2021 • 2.0 hours
  • Watch an inspirational film about how NVC makes a difference in the lives of prison inmates
  • Meet Dow Gordon, an inmate turned NVC trainer
  • Listen in as the filmmakers and others involved with the film speak about their experiences
  • Receive answers to your own questions about NVC in prisons
  • Receive a big dose of inspiration and hope!

Too Many Words! Interrupting to Increase Connection

Begins July 7, 2021 • 2.5 hours
  • Interrupt in a way that increases connection
  • Minimize shame or defensiveness
  • Elevate others’ enjoyment of learning
  • Invite more joy, curiosity, and closeness into your interactions

Connect Across Differences and Find Common Ground: Skills for Deepening Understanding

Begins April 6, 2021 • 6 hours (1.5 hours per session)
  • Navigate challenging times with more clarity, power, ease, and warmth
  • Strengthen all your relationships – even those that are difficult will improve
  • Learn how to stay open, even when you are experiencing feelings of dismay or pain
  • Dive into mindful speech, and learn how to communicate your deepest values

Unpacking Layers of Discrimination

Begins March 31, 2021 • 2 hours
  • Learn the complexities of intersectionality
  • Gain a deeper understanding of life experiences
  • Clear the way for a more authentic connection
  • Deepen your ability to hold others in compassion

2021 Online NVC Conference

Begins February 19, 2021 • 16.75 Hours
  • 14th NVC Conference – Online for the second consecutive year
  • Deepen your worldwide NVC connections
  • Increase compassion during turbulent times
  • Level up your NVC skills

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