Video Conference (29)

All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  34 hours (2 or 3 hours per session)
  • Experience the world's first online retreat
  • Maintain your inner calm in the face of life's challenges
  • Rewire your brain and restore your capacity for self-love
  • Live your life immersed in resonance with all beings
  • Discover the joy of radical self-warmth!
with Rodger Sorrow, Mary Mackenzie, Jim and Jori Manske, Sarah Peyton, Jared Finklestein, Lorraine Aguilar and Shoshana Wheeler
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  14.5 Hours
  • 13th NVC Conference – Online for the first time ever
  • Deepen your worldwide NVC connections
  • Increase compassion during stay-home orders
  • Level up your NVC skills
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  28.5 Hours (1.5 hours per session)
  • Bring NVC to work in radical (and FUN) game-changing ways
  • Enjoy greater collaboration with your colleagues
  • Expand your team’s effectiveness
  • Experience more empowerment and ease with your boss
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  24 hours (2 hours per session)
What’s a powerful way of deepening YOUR NVC consciousness? Sharing it with others! Facilitating NVC courses is a richly powerful way of deepening your own NVC consciousness. It tends to continually remind you of the ways in which you’re living — or not living — your practice. This intensive has been designed to help you further develop your NVC teaching skills, augment your personal teaching style, rediscover ease and joy around sharing NVC, and fall in love with the process all over again!
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  10.5 hours (1.5 hours per session)
If you and those you love discover you are having the same argument over and over again, it can be deeply distressing. It might even cause you to doubt your empathy practice or doubt your ability to heal. That is where an understanding of the neurobiology of trauma can be exceptionally beneficial – even vital – when it comes to supporting healing and connection, especially in long-term relationships. During this course you will get to know not only your own survival strategies, but the strategies of those you love as well. You will also discover new paths designed to enable you to move towards integrating – and healing – difficult events.
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