Video Conference (21)

Finding Common Ground in Challenging Times (2020)

All Skill Levels • Video Conference • 8 hours (2 hours per session)
All Skill Levels
Video Conference
8 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Learn how to speak your truth with confidence
  • Increase your ability to live with inner and outer harmony
  • Discover new tools for creating and deepening connections
  • Expand your capacity for holding others with compassion

Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence (2020)

All Skill Levels • Video Conference • 24 hours (2 hours per session)
All Skill Levels
Video Conference
24 hours (2 hours per session)
What’s a powerful way of deepening YOUR NVC consciousness? Sharing it with others! Facilitating NVC courses is a richly powerful way of deepening your own NVC consciousness. It tends to continually remind you of the ways in which you’re living — or not living — your practice. This intensive has been designed to help you further develop your NVC teaching skills, augment your personal teaching style, rediscover ease and joy around sharing NVC, and fall in love with the process all over again!

Healing Trauma, Finding Forgiveness: Partners, Parents, Children, and Self (2020)

All Skill Levels • Video Conference • 10.5 hours (1.5 hours per session)
All Skill Levels
Video Conference
10.5 hours (1.5 hours per session)
If you and those you love discover you are having the same argument over and over again, it can be deeply distressing. It might even cause you to doubt your empathy practice or doubt your ability to heal. That is where an understanding of the neurobiology of trauma can be exceptionally beneficial – even vital – when it comes to supporting healing and connection, especially in long-term relationships. During this course you will get to know not only your own survival strategies, but the strategies of those you love as well. You will also discover new paths designed to enable you to move towards integrating – and healing – difficult events.

New Year's Peace Meditation (2020)

All Skill Levels • Video Conference • 20 minutes
All Skill Levels
Video Conference
20 minutes
Troubled by events in your local community, your country, or our world? Then please join us for our Annual FREE Guided Peace Meditation. Together we’ll set our focus and our intentions for peace throughout the year. Come… link your loving hands and heart with your kindred spirits from across the world, and breathe gently into the unifying and restful light of peace.

NVCfest: Our 7th Annual Celebration

All Skill Levels • Video Conference • 40+ sessions!
All Skill Levels
Video Conference
40+ sessions!
  • Engage & immerse yourself in NVC consciousness
  • Connect & make friends worldwide
  • Play with NVC to reveal new layers of understanding
  • Celebrate, harvest & grow in community

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