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All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  6 hours (2 hours per session)
Would you like to completely break away from New Year’s resolutions? Join Kristin for this delightfully warm journey into setting your intentions instead! Together you’ll: 1) explore how satisfied you are today with four important areas of your life; 2) assess your current and past relationships to life; and 3) learn how to give and capture empathy for your future self!
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  12 hours
Fling your spirit wide open and join us in BUILDING COMMUNITY this fall at our 6th Annual NVCfest (formerly the NVC Telethon)! It’s a great opportunity for you to participate in actively supporting people from all over the world in getting to know NVC trainers from a variety of cultures and lifestyles. Plus… you’ll get to enjoy time with like-minded others… have FUN exploring NVC-related topics that may be new to you… get a sneak-peek at next year’s courses… and maybe win one of the NVC-related prizes our trainers have donated.
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  12 hours (2 hours per session)
The current social and political climate can make it feel difficult to find your center and get clear in regard to what’s going on in. You may have wondered how you can engage in working on these challenges in a way that is empowered and effective – not motivated by fear, anger or judgment.
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  8 hours (2 hours per session)
A house that is built to be sturdy, yet flexible can stand up to many years of challenging weather – it can survive - even thrive in the vast variety of circumstances known as everyday life. Both Buddhism and NVC can provide a sturdy support system for this kind of home. They offer you skills to help you remain open to whatever life offers you, to be in harmony with the flow, and they provide a sheltering space held together by acceptance, compassion and loving kindness.!
All Skill Levels  •  Video Conference  •  9 hours (1.5 hours per session)
What exactly IS empathy? Empathy is the connection that happens between you and another when you experience your differences while holding on to underlying threads of commonality. In this course, John will be sharing in-depth practices designed to give you the ability to speak and listen from a place of empathic presence, as well as a Self-Connection Practice specially formulated to help you come back to that empathy connection when you’ve gotten triggered into “fight-flight-freeze.”
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