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Six Ways to Check If An Allied Intervention Is Welcome

Intermediate Skill Level • Article • Read time: 2 - 3 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Read time: 2 - 3 minutes
If we are in the dominant group, intervening to prevent violence or an "ouch" is a way to ally with marginalized folks. We can intervene to meet their needs, rather than our own. In other words, we can intervene without putting our experience at center…

Help for Overwhelm

Intermediate Skill Level • Article • Read time: 3-5 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Read time: 3-5 minutes
Reducing overwhelm requires you to reconnect with your authentic choice, be present and compassionate with what's happening, heal trauma, and interrupt the trauma response. Read on for ways that may help you reconnect with your choice, presence and more on trauma.

Moving from Fault to Cause: Looking for Systemic Solutions to White Supremacy

All Skill Levels • Article • Read time: 13 - 19 minutes
All Skill Levels
Read time: 13 - 19 minutes
We can see throughout many examples in history that when we look for "who" is at fault, and thereby seek social change through shaming that person (or that group), it tends to lead to disastrous long term consequences. Even if it works in the short…

Helping Another Find Willingess

Intermediate Skill Level • Article • Read time: 4-6 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Read time: 4-6 minutes
Is there someone you wish was more willing? Try guessing what obstacles they might be struggling with. And allow yourself to feel your grief. As you grapple with your own desire for someone to find their willingness, its essential to recognize that this is about…

The Radical Act of Reclaiming Attention

Beginner Skill Level • Article • Read Time: 5 - 8 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
Read Time: 5 - 8 minutes
Given all that we are facing today as a society and a species, amongst some of the things we need is a well nourished heart. To nourish our hearts we need to discern where to wisely put our attention. Here are three practices to reclaim…

Standing in Your Truth and Setting Boundaries

Intermediate Skill Level • Article • Read time: 8-12 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Read time: 8-12 minutes
Unhook from a reactive dynamic, by staying with your needs and requests, and release attachment to outcome. Start by shifting your attention from the other person to get clear on what's true for you. Read on for strategies to transform reactivity, possible boundary setting behaviors,…

Expressing Our Pain Without Blame

Intermediate Skill Level • Article • Read time: 4 - 6 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
Read time: 4 - 6 minutes
The more we can stay present with our hurt, and own our interpretations, we are more likely to express what's important to us without blame and also to become resilient. From there, the listener can have more space to offer their full presence and empathy.…

Ego, Mind, and Culture

All Skill Levels • Article • Read time: 10 - 15 minutes
All Skill Levels
Read time: 10 - 15 minutes
The “mind” or our “ego” are often depicted as a static entity, an unchangable part of human nature, and as obstacles or negative parts of ourselves to overcome. This view creates maligning, a split within us, while remaining invisibly part and parcel of authority-based societies…

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